A Trip to the Historic Town of Pisa

A region of Tuscany, Pisa is a small town of Italy rich in history  and is globally known for its man-made wonder The Leaning Tower included in the modern list of Seven Wonders of the world. People visiting here for the first time might wonder that there’s nothing to see in Pisa apart from the tower and the cathedral, but they are totally wrong. This little town is very impressive and has many things for its tourists to discover, like its historic squares and medieval architectures dating back to the 12thcentury, its soulful river Arno and the dramatic bridges where you can admire the scenic beauty of this peaceful town.


9 Places to explore in Pisa:


  1. The Leaning Tower of Pisa


You must definitely begin your exploration with the Leaning Tower of Pisa constructed by Giovanni di Siomone. This ornate tower is built with an attractive tilt which makes it unique, and has observatories open for tourists to enjoy a panoramic view of the historic Square of Miracles. As this spot is very photogenic, don’t forget to take some instagram worthy shots that you would cherish for lifetime.


The iconic Leaning Tower


  1. Pisa Cathedral


Adjacent to the iconic tower stands the medieval Roman Catholic church known as Catthedral edi Pisa or the Pisa Cathedral that has a stunning exterior and interior serving as an excellent example of Romanesque architecture. The Pisa Cathedral has a unique atmosphere around it and also stands as the most remarkable architecture of Tuscany that was built during the 11thcentury.


The Pisa Cathedral
  1. The Baptistry


An ecclesiastical building situated just next to the Pisa Cathedral in the Square of Miracles, this Romanesque Baptistry is dedicated to Saint John The Baptist and was believed to be built before the Leaning Tower in the beginning of the 12th century. There are many amazing facts about this historic architecture but among all the most fascinating one implies that even the Baptistry is built with a tilt however, it is not noticeable.


The Baptistry


  1. Camposanto


Another monument built by Giovanni, Camposanto is a funerary monument with a peaceful aura. This monument is built with artistic excellence and also comprises of collections of classical art, frescoes and other Romanesque features.


The Camposanto
  1. Orto Botanico or the Botanical Garden of Pisa


Founded by Luca Ghini in 1544, the Botanical Garden and Museum of Pisa is renowned to be the oldest in the region. The Orto Botanico di Pisa was the first university botanical garden in Europe, and in the modern world it holds the reputation for keeping a collection of rare seeds and endangered species of plants. The Pharaonic Collections of the garden are the real treasure as they include the specimen found in ancient Egyptian tombs (Whoa! That’s amazing isn’t it?).


The Orto Botanico


  1. Piazza Vittorio Emanuele


While you visit the historic square of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, you would come across the statue of the first king of the unified Italy- Vittorio Emanuele II. One can explore the local attractions of the square such as the San Sepolcro Church and have authentic Italian cuisines at the nearby restaurants.


Piazza Vittorio Emanuele
  1. Ponte de Messo Bridge to admire the view of River Arno


Another famous spot of the town is the Ponte de Messo Bridge built above the river Arno– the heart of the town. The bridge often has tourists admiring the view as it gives a better glance of this beautiful town.

The Ponte de Messo Bridge.


  1. Lungarno Medico


Take a stroll towards the Lungarno Medico and spot the Palazzo Blue (Blue Palace) however, the popular attraction of this area is a small church built beside the river bank-Santa Mariadella Spina this attractive church is also encompassed by scenic beauty as you can see the green hills peeking into the town and the river flowing ever so smoothly.


Lungarno Medico and the Santa Maria della Spina Church
  1. Piazza dei Cavalieri, Knight’s Square


The Piazza dei Cavalieri also known as the Knight’s Square, is the second most important square of Pisa as it was a political center in the medieval period. Now, in the modern age, it holds its importance in the Palace of Knights and the Church of Cavalieridi Santa Spirito.


Piazza dei Cavalieri


If you want to spend some lone time admiring the scenic beauty of Pisa then you can also visit Monte Serra to witness the trail of green hills that look stunning during sunset.

Pisa being a small town is often chosen as a day trip from Tuscany so it has luggage keeping facilities at the Pisa Central Station where your belongings can be kept with utmost security and you can roam around freely without hassle of heavy baggage as it is going to be a long stroll around the town.

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