Lake Garda- The Largest Lake of Italy

The largest and the most captivating lake situated in Northern Italy, Lake Garda or locally known as Benaco is mesmerizingly beautiful with its crystal clear water encompassed by the long trails of Garda Mountains. The Garda Lake lies halfway between Brescia and Verona and is an extremely popular holiday destination of Italy, most glamorous during Summers as the scenic beauty of Garda is clearly visible. However, it is also very impressive during Winters with its snow-peaked cliffs that look majestic. The dramatic view of Lake Garda is eye soothing and is an ideal place to rejuvenate yourselves.


Lake Garda is often explored through its two banks- The East and the West.



Lake Garda East Bank:



The East Bank of Lake Garda lies on the Veneto region, which is mostly attractive for its Olive groves, the cable cars leading to Monte Baldo-the highest mountain around the lake and of course the romantic view of the calm deep-blue lake. Other popular attractions include the beautiful view of Punta San Vigilio outside the Garda VillageBardolino- an impressive little town, the picturesque old town of Malcesine, Lazise- a city of fortifications, towers and ancient gates, Torri Del Benaco- known for its beautiful resorts and lake view, Pescheiradel Garda– the only outlet of Lake Garda, Torbole– with an amazing view of Monte Brione that separates it from Rivadel Garda and lastly the crowded city of Brenzone.



Malcesine on the East Bank of Lake Garda



 Lake Garda West Bank:



The West Bank of Lake Garda is dominated by mountain ranges and is considered to be more fascinating for its historic towns, majestic villas, beautiful gardens along with the best views of the lake. The West Bank consists of places like Sirmione– a town renowned for its forts and dramatic view of the lake, Rivadel Garda– also called the “jewel of Lake Garda” for its romantic views and exquisite resorts, Limone Sul Garda– popular for its hiking trails, dolomites, fortresses and scenic beauty, the pretty little town of Salo, the peninsula of Isoladi Garda, the enchanting panorama of Gardone Riviera along with its pretty botanical gardens and lastly Toscolano Maderno that would take you back to ancient Roman days.



Sirmione on the East Bank of Lake Garda


Lake Garda has hiking opportunities for the people who crave for adventure, and is especially for people who love to feel the beauty of nature intimately. However, Lake Garda is very photogenic with a natural deep blue background encompassed with greyish-blue cliffs so don’t forget to carry your cameras and vibrant dresses to take instagram worthy shots.


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A Day Trip to Frascati from Rome

The mesmerizing town of Frascati sits on the Alban Hills and is one of the hill top towns that are collectively known as Castelli Romani. The name Frascati has derived from the local tradition of collecting firewood (frasche) and is popular for its ancient Roman architectures, its charming historic centre, white wines, impressive villas and the attractive scenery of the hills that embrace the town.


How to reach Frascati from Rome?


Frascati is just 35 kms away from Rome situated towards the south east of the capital and takes less than 30 mins to reach. One can take the Cotral Buses from Roma Anagnina that drops at Piazza Guglielmo Marconi just outside the historic square. One can also opt for trains that depart hourly from the Roma Termini.


Interesting sites to explore:


Explore the villas of the town that are popular among tourists, the town’s only cathedral and visit its finest vineyards for a glass of authentic White Wine- Santa Passera.


Villa Aldobrandini


The most renowned Roman architecture of the town is Villa Aldobrandini which is still owned by the Aldobrandini family (so, some of its parts are not open to the public). Within the villa lies the Roman Theatre of Waters- an overbearing baroque stage built in the gardens and the impressive Atlas Foutain. Aldobrandini not only has architectural beauty, but also gives a panoramic view of the town overlooking the Laziocity.



Villa Aldobrandini



Villa Torlonia



Situated a few steps away from the historic center lies the communal (always open to public) villa of Torlonia that has suffered the damage of bombing. Built during the mid 16th century, this stunning villa comprises of attractive gardens with ancient statues, featuristic fountains, and the famous theatre of waters- Theatrodelle Acque.



Villa Torlonia



Cathedral of Saint Peter



The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint Peter also known as the Frascati Cathedral is definitely a must visit as this church is among the most popular attractions of Frascati. Standing on the main town sqaure, this beautiful church has its own interesting history along with an artistic interior and exterior.



Pic-3  The Frascati Cathedral


Vineyards of Minardi and Merumalia



The Frascati Wine also known as “the Golden Wines of the Romans” were traditionally made by the Ancient Romans. Now, in the Modern era, these finest wines are made in the wineries run by the families who are holding on to their tradition for generations. The Frascati Wines are labeled DOCG (the label for origin and finest taste) and are made with varieties of grapes such as Malvasia di Candia, Malvasia del Lazio, Grechetto, Bombinobianco and Trabbiano Grapes. Visit the two most popular wineries- Minardi and Merumalia for a one of a kind experience and have a glass of the finest Frascati Wine along with mouthwatering handmade Italian Pastas and Pizzas.



The Vineyards of Frascati



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Cinque Terre- An Off Beaten Path of Italy

Cinque Terre meaning “the five lands” is a string of five villages (Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore) situated on the Costa Ligure of Levante. The sea-side villages on the rugged Riveria coastline has become a favourite off beat attraction among the tourists recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is often compared with the Capri Islands and Amalfi Coast of Italy. People generally choose to visit Cinque Terre for its exceptional scenic beauty, and mostly for its closeness to nature. With vibrant streets and colourful houses, beautiful rocky beaches and amazing views, Cinque Terre is an ideal destination to feel the nature intimately and refresh your minds.


The villages of Cinque Terre:


  • Monterosso al Mare



Beginning from the north, Monterosso al mare is the biggest and the oldest  of five villages in Cinque Terre that is commune to the province of LaSpezia. Not only is this vibrant town is a paradise for the lovers of sea, but also has so many impressive attractions to explore. The ViaFegina Beach being the biggest one of the region is a favourite attraction of the tourists, once you be here don’t forget to spot the gigantic statue of Neptune (theseaGod) carrying a gigantic shell which was majorly damaged during the WWII. The other interesting sites include the  Church of San Lorenzo, the Manarola Harbour, the impressive Parco Nazionale, the shrines and famous wooden stautes of Santuariodi Nostra and Signoradi Soviore, and lastly the elegant building of Church of San Giovani Battista.



Monterosso al Mare



  • Vernazza



Vernazza often called the “pearl of Cinque Terre” is regarded as the most beautiful among the five villages. Vernazza embraces its small marina by the roads that stretch offshore and the eye-catching pastel coloured houses making it more impressive. One must note that Vernazza is not as big as Montoresso and has a very small number of houses and inhabitants. Vernazza is also the only town in the region that has a natural harbour, along with mesmerizing views from the top. The major attractions of the town includes- the Church of Fratti, the Reformed Friars Minor of St. Francis, and the beautiful shrine of Reggio.


View of Vernazza from above



  • Corniglia



Corniglia is the smallest of five towns in Cinque Terre as the population is about 150 and can be covered from Vernazza by a walking distance. The small town sits on a panaromic cliff top, and hence is not directly adjacent to the sea. The walk from Vernazza to Corniglia is enticing as the journey would make you fall in love with this place more. Well, this little place has quite a few things to explore- the Church of St. Peter’s, Saint Mary’s Terrace, the popular Guavo Beach, and the beach near the railway station of Corniglia-Spiaggione Beach.




The Beach in Corniglia



  • Manarola



Another picturesque town of Cinque Terre, Manarola is the second smallest village of the region with equally beautiful views of the sea. The village is situated 70 metres above the sea level and is also popular for its SiacchetraWine. Also visit the famous relic architectures- SanLorenzoChurch, ManarolaCemetry, andManarola’sHarbour.



The stunning view of Manarola


  • Riomaggiore



The last village of Cinque Terre (if visited from North), Riomaggiore is all about pastel-coloured houses, the sound of strong waves striking the cliffs, picturesque views, wines and the beach. Wander around the beautiful streets and visit the old castle- Castellodi Riomaggiore.




  • Porto Venere the sixth town



A medieval fishing town situated at the South, Porto Venere is believed to be the hidden gem that is overshadowed by Cinque Terre. Being neighbour to the five villages, Porto Venere is often called the “sixth town”and has equally attractive scenary. Some of the tourists choose to stay in Porto Venere and cover the five villages as day tours which is also a smart choice however, it is impossible to reach here by trains so ferry is the only choice. Explore the old town and visit Portadel Borgo, the Capitolare Tower dating back to 12thcentury. Also the Doria castle situated on the cliff top overlooking the Bay of Poets, the nearby  Church of San Lorenzo and the Church of Saint Peter with an exceptional interior. The other attractions include Lord Byron’s Grotto named after the renouned English Poet- a place for swimming and diving, and the Porto Venere regional National Park.



Porto Venere



The Beaches of Cinque Terre



The beaches of Cinque Terre are stunning and the best one is in Monterossoalmare. With crowds of happy faces enjoying the sun bath, crystal clear sea and its turquoise waves, delicious sea food in the nearby restaurants along with sweetest wines of the region, all these comprise to make Cinque Terre an ideal destination for Summer holidays.





Scenic beauty and the beach







For people who love hiking, Cinque Terre has an abundant availability of hiking trails joining one village with the other. The walk from the Blue Path– the trail that connects all the five villages is tiring but surely is worth as the view around it is magical. Take the help of local guides to discover hiking opportunities and admire the view that you would never forget from the top.



The Blue Path



Where to stay in Cinque Terre?



It is best and convenient to stay in a single village of Cinque Terre and visit others as day trips. The largest number of hotels are in Montoressoalmare, as it is the biggest area of the region however, one must not expect luxury here as the hotels are as simple as the place itself. Some tourists also choose to stay in Riomaggiore when they are beginning the journey from the South, whereas others cover the five villages by staying in LaSpezia (10 mins away by train) or Porto Venere  (also known as the sixth town as it is often covered with Cinque Terre).


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A Trip to the Vineyards of Tuscany from Florence

Tuscany, the region in central Italy and Florence, its capital is home to breathtaking panoramas of vineyards spread across miles and miles of land along with its rustic Wineries that make authentic wines and reveal their age-old tales of the art of wine-making. Tuscany is a perfect stop for a day trip from Florence as it not only has scenic beauty but also is also is renowned for its Renaissance architectures and is home to the world-famous Italian poet Dante.  The intoxicating air of Tuscany is going to uplift your spirits and you would savour the taste of purest brands of wine with DOCG labels (the label given by the Italian Government that guarantees its origin and is of finest quality).


Places of interest:


Tuscany has some of the finest vineyards where you can witness grapes taking their leisure time ripen and then being handpicked by the crafty wine makers to finally convert them into purest form of wine. However, wine of each region varies as they use different varieties of grapes to make their finest wine such as San Gimignano uses Vernaccia grapes and Chianti uses Sangiovese grapes whereas Siena uses Brunello grapes.



  • San Gimignano


The medieval town of San Gimignano is renowned as the “town offine towers”, and reflects its history assosciated with the age of Renaissance. Explore the beautiful vineyards of Vernaccia grapes and taste the authentic White Wine labeled DOCG, which is only  here. The age-old Tenuta Torciano Winery is the most popular one in the region so make sure you don’t miss it. Well, don’t leave the town unless you have visited the stunning Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta and witnessed the breathtaking frescoes.


Panoramic view of San Gimignano


  • Siena


The town of Siena is known for its Brunellodi Montalcino Wine available in the Montalcino region made from the finest Brunello grapes that result in its authentic, rich taste.  Also this wine is the most expensive one in the region of Tuscany. Apart from visiting the vineyards, one can also visit the nearby olive orchards of Montalcino that are equally popular among tourists.


Medieval town of Siena



  • Chianti


A perfect place to pair your red wine with delicious pasta, Chianti is a very popular region of Tuscany especially for its major wineries and renowned Sangiovese vineyards. The best wine tastings in Chianti are available in the classico area which follows the winery of  Viticcio, the vineyards of Monteriggioni and Montepulciano.


Vineyard of Chianti



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A Stunning Trip to the Amalfi Coast- Italy

The Amalfi Coast is one those places in Italy that is bound to take your breath away. Embraced by the deep blue waters of Bay of Naples, the chain of green hills along with its natural and scenic beauty , this place is magical and has become a popular holiday destination for people around the world.

However, visiting Amalfi might be confusing especially when you are here for the first time. There might be a swarm of questions (exaggerating a bitJ) perplexing your mind like where would you stay, what would you see? And the place being totally unknown to you can also make you wonder whether to choose packaged tours or depend on self-guide (which might always not go well!), so it is best if you take the help of the travel experts who can solve all your problems and let you explore as a free bird.


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Highlights of the trip:


The different towns of the Amalfi coast are very easy to reach as the transportation services are easily accessible and affordable. One can opt for road tours by bus or private cars to reach other towns or simply take a ferry ride from the ports and enjoy the pleasing view.


  • Sorrento


Sorrento the town of lemons sits high on the cliff giving the best views of the fishing towns below and the mesmerizing blue sea. From Sorrento, one can spot the majestic Mt. Vesuvius– an active volcano of the region. The streets of the city are fascinating and has attractions such as- the church of Cheisade San Francesco erected during the 14th century, the picturesque square of Piazza Tasso with the best cafes around.


The Town of Sorrento


  • Positano


Another cliff-side town of the Amalfi coast, Positano is very lively, and is much popular among the tourists for its photogenic view. With the best views where hills and sea unite, Positano is a favourite spot for also beach lovers as it has a beautiful pebbled beach front. The narrow streets of the town are very impressive along with its historical attractions like the dome-shaped church of Chiesadi Santa Maria Assunta and the Byzantine icon of Virgin Mary is equally enticing.


If you love adventure and hiking, then Positano is the perfect place for you as its Sentiero degli Dei, Gods’ Pathway, a wonderful walk along Monti Lattari, the only way connecting all for several centuries between all the medieval villages of Amalfi Coast.


Beautiful view of Positano



  • Capri-



Another popular attraction, Capri is known for its Faragilioni rocks and the Blue Grotto caves. The view from Capri is stunning, with sparkling blue sea and steep cliffs that have wonderfully formed arches in the midst of the sea. Take a boat ride to the Blue Grotto caves to witness what you haven’t before.

The untamed beauty of Capri


  • Amalfi-


The town of Amalfi is very impressive and has equally attractive sites for you to check out including the famous Cloister of Paradise with an enticing interior and stunning gardens, and the holy church of Duomidi Amalfi (Cathedral of Amalfi) is a must visit.


The stunning view of Amalfi coast line



  • Ravello


Ravello has magical cliff side gardens along with a breathtaking view. Pretty, vibrant flowers contrasted with the deep-blue sea serving as the natural background, Ravello is extremely photogenic and resembles a paradise. The resort town of Ravello has many Moorish architectures such as the Villa Cimbrone and many other terraced gardens to explore.


Breathtaking view from the gardens of Ravello


How to reach Amalfi?



No matter by what means you are going to visit the Amalfi Coast, the journey is going to be very scenic. However, there are many ways by which you can step in here as the trasportation services are excellent. One can take ferry rides from Naples which would take approximately 40 minutes. If you are travelling from Rome, then you can opt for private car services to reach Naples or Amalfi, but the journey might be long and last upto 3hours. One can also take Trenitalia or Italo trains from Roma Termini to reach Napoli Centrale and continue their journey towards Amalfi by car, bus or ferry.


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A Trip to the Historic Town of Pisa

A region of Tuscany, Pisa is a small town of Italy rich in history  and is globally known for its man-made wonder The Leaning Tower included in the modern list of Seven Wonders of the world. People visiting here for the first time might wonder that there’s nothing to see in Pisa apart from the tower and the cathedral, but they are totally wrong. This little town is very impressive and has many things for its tourists to discover, like its historic squares and medieval architectures dating back to the 12thcentury, its soulful river Arno and the dramatic bridges where you can admire the scenic beauty of this peaceful town.


9 Places to explore in Pisa:


  1. The Leaning Tower of Pisa


You must definitely begin your exploration with the Leaning Tower of Pisa constructed by Giovanni di Siomone. This ornate tower is built with an attractive tilt which makes it unique, and has observatories open for tourists to enjoy a panoramic view of the historic Square of Miracles. As this spot is very photogenic, don’t forget to take some instagram worthy shots that you would cherish for lifetime.


The iconic Leaning Tower


  1. Pisa Cathedral


Adjacent to the iconic tower stands the medieval Roman Catholic church known as Catthedral edi Pisa or the Pisa Cathedral that has a stunning exterior and interior serving as an excellent example of Romanesque architecture. The Pisa Cathedral has a unique atmosphere around it and also stands as the most remarkable architecture of Tuscany that was built during the 11thcentury.


The Pisa Cathedral
  1. The Baptistry


An ecclesiastical building situated just next to the Pisa Cathedral in the Square of Miracles, this Romanesque Baptistry is dedicated to Saint John The Baptist and was believed to be built before the Leaning Tower in the beginning of the 12th century. There are many amazing facts about this historic architecture but among all the most fascinating one implies that even the Baptistry is built with a tilt however, it is not noticeable.


The Baptistry


  1. Camposanto


Another monument built by Giovanni, Camposanto is a funerary monument with a peaceful aura. This monument is built with artistic excellence and also comprises of collections of classical art, frescoes and other Romanesque features.


The Camposanto
  1. Orto Botanico or the Botanical Garden of Pisa


Founded by Luca Ghini in 1544, the Botanical Garden and Museum of Pisa is renowned to be the oldest in the region. The Orto Botanico di Pisa was the first university botanical garden in Europe, and in the modern world it holds the reputation for keeping a collection of rare seeds and endangered species of plants. The Pharaonic Collections of the garden are the real treasure as they include the specimen found in ancient Egyptian tombs (Whoa! That’s amazing isn’t it?).


The Orto Botanico


  1. Piazza Vittorio Emanuele


While you visit the historic square of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, you would come across the statue of the first king of the unified Italy- Vittorio Emanuele II. One can explore the local attractions of the square such as the San Sepolcro Church and have authentic Italian cuisines at the nearby restaurants.


Piazza Vittorio Emanuele
  1. Ponte de Messo Bridge to admire the view of River Arno


Another famous spot of the town is the Ponte de Messo Bridge built above the river Arno– the heart of the town. The bridge often has tourists admiring the view as it gives a better glance of this beautiful town.

The Ponte de Messo Bridge.


  1. Lungarno Medico


Take a stroll towards the Lungarno Medico and spot the Palazzo Blue (Blue Palace) however, the popular attraction of this area is a small church built beside the river bank-Santa Mariadella Spina this attractive church is also encompassed by scenic beauty as you can see the green hills peeking into the town and the river flowing ever so smoothly.


Lungarno Medico and the Santa Maria della Spina Church
  1. Piazza dei Cavalieri, Knight’s Square


The Piazza dei Cavalieri also known as the Knight’s Square, is the second most important square of Pisa as it was a political center in the medieval period. Now, in the modern age, it holds its importance in the Palace of Knights and the Church of Cavalieridi Santa Spirito.


Piazza dei Cavalieri


If you want to spend some lone time admiring the scenic beauty of Pisa then you can also visit Monte Serra to witness the trail of green hills that look stunning during sunset.

Pisa being a small town is often chosen as a day trip from Tuscany so it has luggage keeping facilities at the Pisa Central Station where your belongings can be kept with utmost security and you can roam around freely without hassle of heavy baggage as it is going to be a long stroll around the town.

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Reims- A Day Trip From Paris

If you are on a trip to Paris, you surely haven’t seen all of France, because there’s a plethora of places for you to discover in its off beat routes, which are less crowded and you get to choose your own ways of exploring them. Among these off beat attractions, Reims- the Champagne region of France, is ideal to spend a day away from the capital, and taste one of the finest brands of Champagne made and fermented on the major Champagne houses. Witness the handpicking of the finest grapes from the vineyards and finally being converted into a sweet liquid that are kept on the dark cellars for maturation- giving them the finest taste.


How to reach Reims?


The easiest route is by opting a TGV train from GaredeL’Est metro station in Paris and directly reach Reims within 45 minutes. However, your tickets must be booked 3 months prior to your arrival.


What to see in Reims? 


Your checklist in Reims must include visiting the cathedral, the best cellars and a walk in the beautiful streets of the city.


Explore the holy Reims Cathedral


Begin your day by visiting the holy cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims built in High- Gothic style in the early 13th century with the finest carvings, sculptures, and glass decorations. This age-old church is not only antique, but also holds its traces of being burned and then renovated. Don’t forget to spot the Smiling Angel.


Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims.


Visit the popular Cellars and taste the best brands of Champagne:


The highlight of your trip must be visiting the Champagne houses around the city and their cellar that resemble dimly lit caves, that would give you an unforgettable experience, this however might sound eerie but surely it isn’t as you would be guided by the tour guides throughout your visit.


  • Vineyards and Cellar of Veuve Clicquot


The vineyards and cellars of Veuve Clicquot are very popular in the region and offer a tour to its caves where you could see thousands of bottled champagne undergoing a process of maturation to bring out the finest taste in them. One gets to see the process of making of champagne, hear its historic tale of its early days and finally taste the  Grande Dame Champagne and savour its taste.


Wine Tasting in Veuve Cliquot.



  • The Cellar of Tattinger


Head to your next destination- the Champagne house of Tattinger. The most fascinating truth about the cellars of Tattinger lies on the fact that they were carved out from the age-old Roman mines. As you visit the caves of Tattinger to witness the maturation of botlled champagnes, you would feel the historic aura that these cellars hold in this modern world.


Caves of Tattinger.


  • H. Mumm Cellar


One of the largest producers of Champagne in Northern France, G.H. Mumm is another Champagne house in Reims with an impressive building. The word “mumm” itself suggests “from the inside” and hence offers its visitors a clear view of their inside world of champagne-making.

G.H. Mumm Cellar House.


Wander around the picturesque streets of Reims:


Lastly end your day by wandering among the streets of Reims and see some of its unpopular attractions such as the Palais du Tau, the cathedral of Saint Remi, Museum of Surrender and so on.


A walk among the lovely streets of Reims




–Sampurna Chakraborty

A Day Trip to Britanny- An Unseen Beauty of France

Britanny is one of those unpopular attractions that treasure the unseen beauty of France. Britanny is the perfect off beat spot to explore its untamed wild beauty, thick forests, dramatic coastlines, some man-made wonders and medieval, picturesque towns. It is often chosen as a side trip from Paris, and is truly worth a visit.


How to reach Britanny:


The easiest route to reach Britanny is by opting a TGV (high speed trains of France) from Paris and reach Rennes, Britanny, where the journey lasts for 1hoursand30minutes approximately. Britanny has a wonderful transportation service either of trains or planes for people to visit from all around.


Places to explore:


  • Fort du Guesclin


Sitting on a tidal island, Fort du Guesclin is situated on a very unique location, as during the times of high tides it would seem that the island is seated offshore. However, this fort can be reached by walking when it’s a low tide, and it is indeed a place that you would admire.


Fort du Guesclin


  • Saint-Malo


Saint Malo is an old port of France holding its history in every nook and corner. Stepping into the land of Saint Malo would feel like travelling back into the 18thcentury where every house bears the traces of their time in their patched glass windows and dusty gothic buildings.


Saint Malo


  • Mont Saint Michel


One of the major attractions of Britanny is Mont Saint Michel. However, there is a small controversy related to its exact location as some regard it as standing on the land of Normandy while others declare it as a part of Britanny. Mont Saint Michel is considered one of the jewels of France as it has been an ecclesiastical center and pilgrimage since the early 700’s. The outer structure of the church is as pleasing as its high-walled interiors that dates back to centuries.


The holy Mont Saint Michel


  • Exploring the popular Castles of Britanny


Britanny also has a number of majestic castles around its towns that are a paradigm of French history and power, and also their excellence in artistry. Among the castles of Britanny, Josselin Castle, Castle of Suscinio, Castle of Vitre, Chateaude Pontivy, Chateaudela Bourbansais, and Castle of Fougeres are popular among tourists.


Chateau de Josselin


  • Dinan


Dinan is a picturesque town in Britanny that is embraced in scenic beauty and its streets are very photogenic. With bricked paths, gothic architectures and towers, bridges, and museums, Dinan is a perfect place to escape into.

Dinan, Britanny


For people who love hiking, Britanny has many spots for you to have a look  such as the Pointedu Raz that would give you the breathtaking view of powerful waves striking the sandy cliffs, the elegant lighthouse, a dreamy sunset amidst the rhythm of the sea.




—Sampurna Chakraborty



A Day Trip to Etretat- Normandy

If you are visiting France for a good number of days then there’s an opportunity for you to visit some of France’s less popular attractions that can be regarded as “hidden gems” of the country. There are a number of off-beat places you can visit from Paris that are unimaginably beautiful, and one among them is Etretat in Normandy.

Etretat is a town situated on the North coast of France, popular for its impressive rock formations and white cliffs, picturesque views, the old chapel and the dramatic views of the old town.


What to see in Etretat?


  • Watch the unique cliffs of Etretat


Etretat is widely famous for its white cliffs especially for the arches that have risen up from the sea. Some of its popular arches are Falaised’Etretat, Ported’Aval and Ported’Amont.



Cliffs of Etretat


  • The Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-la Garde


A famous church of Etretat, the chapel of Notre-Dame-de-la Garde is situated on an isolated cliff with the most stunning view around. The building of the church itself is an unique one and so is its location. One would find utmost peace and pleasure in this place that feels like a paradise for the ones seeking tranquility.


The Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-la Garde.



  • The Monument of Nungesser and Coli


Just behind the church of Notre-Dame at a walking distance you will come across the modern monument of Nungesser and Coli that was built as a memorial to pay tribute to the aviators Nungesser and Coli who attempted to cross the North Atlantic Ocean but unfortunately died.


The Monument of Nungesser and Coli


  • The Castle of les Aygues


Built in 1866, the castle of les Aygues is embraced in natural beauty, and serves as a popular tourist attraction of Etretat. The castle is rich in history and holds a prestigious place in the modern world. The road towards the castle is very enticing as it solitary and serene.


The Castle of les Aygues


  • Etretat Beach


The popular beach of Etretat with a view of its white cliffs and arches, and the church of Notre-Dame-de-la Garde. With a long sandy stretch and calm sea, this place would muse you to write poetry. As this place is not too crowded, you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset with your loved ones in solitude. Grab a notepad and a pen for sure!


The Etretat Beach


  • The Old Town


Wander among the streets of the Old Town to reveal its history, fascinating facts, the lifestyle of the people of Etretat and their rich culture.

A walk to remember in Old Town.


If you have time, also visit the Protestant Temple, the Old Market and some famous museums around the town.


How to reach Etretat by public transports?

The easiest and the safest way to reach Etretat is to take a Train from Paris to La Havre station, and then take a bus to step into Etretat. However, it is important to note that the train tickets must be booked prior your arrival, otherwise you won’t be able to get there by train.



Sampurna Chakraborty

A Guide to Thermal Baths in Budapest

The capital city of Hungary, Budapest is a beautiful city in Europe bisected by the river Danube and connected with its Buda and Pest districts through the iconic Chain Bridge . With the most dramatic history, dreamy castles, majestic Hungarian National Parliament , historic squares with gothic architectures, Budapest also has enticing scenic beauty. Well, Budapest is not just limited to these things, it is also popular for its Baths and is often termed as the “City of Baths”. Including the historic thermal public baths, Turkish Baths and other pools and spas, Budapest has all the kinds of baths you need to relax and rejuvenate yourselves. The most amazing truth of these baths lies in the fact that  they are naturally fed by 120 hot springs around the city so there is no waste of electricity.


What to expect in these Baths?


The baths in Budapest are much different from hot Springs of India, as each of them have some different specifications. Some Baths are “male only” or “female only” or some have availability for both in different areas. Also some of these baths are  designed to relax solo while others have no bars and are available for everybody like a public pool. The baths in Budapest are found in two ways indoor and open-air like Szechenyi Baths are open-air and Rudas, Gellert Baths are indoor baths. More fun awaits for you in the Bath parties, passes for these parties are available online on the different websites so that you can grab the opportunity to have the best experience with your loved ones. However, It is important to know the specifications before you get there so as there are places where admission of children are, here’s a detailed information about the best baths around the city.


Historic Thermal Baths in Budapest:


Historic Thermal Baths were first set by Romans, and then they were re-opened at the time of Turkish invasions. These thermal baths were not only used for the purpose of relaxing and rejuvenating, and keeping them warm and hygenic, but also the public encouraged them for the medicinal uses of Hotsprings. These historic thermal baths are still found around the city of Budapest and the best ones among them are:


  • Szechenyi Baths


Considered as the largest medicinal bath in Europe, Szechenyi Baths were built in the early 20th century and consist of 18 pools, 10 steam cabins, and sections that offer several massage and therapies and so on. These baths among the richly decorated palace is a delight to visit.


Temperature of Pools: 20-40C.


Admission: Above 14 years of age.


Szechenyi Baths.



  • Gellert Baths



Gellert Baths- a part of Gellert Hotel was opened in the year 1918 and is among the few Art Deco baths in the world whose interior was influenced by the French art movements. The interior of the baths were built in Art Nouveau style and is still evident to the Modern word for the last 100 years.


Temperature of Pool: 26 to 40⁰.


Admission: Above 14 years of age.


Gellert Baths.



  • Veli Bej- Csaszar Baths



The Veli Bej Baths also known as Csaszar baths, are indoor Turkish baths and are among the few baths in Budapest that have no outdoor pools for the public. Veli Bej reflects its Ottoman time through its designed halls and pools and is truly a peaceful place with less crowd.


Temperature of Pool: 32– 34C.


Admission: Above 14 years of age.


Veli Bej Baths.



  • Rudas Baths


Another famous bath of the city, Rudas baths have an impressive modern interior decoration, various spas and Turkish baths. However, the center of attraction here is the rooftoppool that provides a panaromic view of the city and the river Danube. Rudas Baths are also children- friendly and allow children’s admission in few of its pools with moderate temperatures.


Temperature of Pools: 16– 42C.


Admission: Everyone according to terms.



Rudas Baths



  • Kiraly Baths


Built in 1570, Kiraly Baths will give you the most authentic essence of Turkish bath in its indoor pools. The building of Kiraly Baths reflect their history associated with Ottoman invasion, and the domes represent their Turkish origins.


Temperature: 26– 40C.


Admission:  Everyone above 14 years of age.




Kiraly Baths



  • Lukacs Baths


Located on the Buda side of the city, Lukacs baths are situated inside the impressive 19th century building and its history dates back to the 12th century. These baths have both indoor and outdoor pools along with saunas and other spa treatments, and are very popular among tourists for its lively nights where people can drink, enjoy bath parties, pamper themselves in various massage treatments.


Temperature of Pools: 30– 40C.


Admission:  Above 14 years of age.




Lukacs Baths

If you want some more of this pampering and refreshment, you can also visit the other attractive spas around the city such as, the Spa at the Four Seasons,  Danubius Health Spa Margitsziget and Thermal Beer Spa– that lets you enjoy your baths and treatments with mugs of beer! Sounds great right? Nothing is impossible in Budapest when it comes to Baths.





—Sampurna Chakraborty

An avid traveller, a voracious reader and a passionate writer!



Loire Valley- The Valley of Castles

Loire Valley is a mesmerizingly beautiful destination often called the jewel of France for  its  dreamy castles, scenic beauty, peaceful ambience and photogenic sites. For people who are fascinated by fairytales, castles and its everlasting tales of Kings and Queens, Loire Valley is exactly the destination you have been searching for. As the region of Loire Valley is quite big, it is not possible to cover every spot in just a few days, hence it is suggested to spend at least 34 days to discover this dreamland.


How to reach Loire Valley?


When it comes to visiting Loire Valley, there are many options available for reaching here. One can rent a car from Paris which would take 2-3 hours drive, or take TGV (super-fast trains of France) from Montparnesse station to reach the heart of this valley. One can also fly and directly land in ToursValdeLoire airport from London or Dublin.


What to see in Loire Valley?


Explore the best castles of this region and taste the original and authentic French Cuisines in a royal style.


  • Chateau de Chenonceau


Situated near the small village of Chenonceaux, Chateau de Chenonceau is one of the best- known castle of Loire Valley and was built on  CherRiver in the early 16th century in a gothic, renaissance architectural style.  This stunning castle is a treasure trove of French history and has many fascinating gossips of Kings and Queens to tell to the Modern World. Chenonceau is also among the most visited and photographed castles in the valley and has both architectural and scenic beauty encompassing it.


Chateau de Chenonceau on Cher River.


  • Chateau de Chambord


The largest and the most recognisible castle of Loire Valley, the castle of Chambord serves as an important symbol of French Renaissance and reflects its history related to the powerful king Francis. This majestic castle has an enticing structure and its interior is lavishly decorated with a touch of Renaissance. The Chateaude Chambord Park is the largest enclosed park in Europe, its well-maintained French-Style gardens are magnificent.

Chateau de Chambord.


  • Azay-le-Rideau


Built during the beginning of 16th century, Chateau Azay-le-Rideau is another popular castle of Loire Valley situated on the shore of Indre river in the Touraine region. Much smaller as compared to Chambord, Azay-le-Rideau has an impressive renaissance structure encompassed in natural beauty.


Azay-le Rideau.


  • Villandry Castle and Gardens


Situated in the region of Villandry, Villandry Castle is a grand country residense of Loire Valley. The castle’s speciality lies within its exquisite French-style gardens full of vibrant flowers that are very pleasant to watch. Villandry Castle is considered to be the last Renaissance residense built on the banks of the river Loire.

Chateau Villandry and Gardens.


  • Chateau d’ Usse


Chateau d’ Usse often called the “SleepingBeauty castle” is exactly what you see in Fairytales. The castle of Usse is built on the edges of Chinon Forest and is the best spot to enjoy the panoramic view of Indre Valley.

The castle of Usse originally provided an inspiration to the writer Charles Perrault for his celebrated classic fairy tale The Sleeping Beauty

Chateau d’ Usse.



  • Chateau de Saumur


Chateau de Saumur is located in the French town of Saumur in the Loire Valley. The castle was once a fortress, and later was converted to a chateau, now this castle stands as a renouned castle of Loire Valley with an amazing gothic structure. Built during the 10thcentury, the castle of Saumur has lots of tales to tell to the modern world.


Chateau de Saumur. 


There are 42  Chateauxregistered under UNESCOin Loire Valley, and it isimpossible to visit all of them in a single trip. Head towards the most popular Chateaus and some off beat populars for the best experience. 


Wine Tasting in Loire Valley:



Wine Grapes.

Your trip to Loire Valley is incomplete without visiting the vineyards and tasting the purest wine and also hearing the tales of wine-making from the local Winemakers. Loire Valley has more than thousand world-famous vineyards for you to explore, breath the sweet scent of ripening grapes, and taste wines from the best cellars. Visit Vouvray, Henry Bourgeoi’s wine tasting, Chinon for the best wine.


Loire Valley is not just a perfect destination for adults but also for kids. You have been reading bed-time fairy tales for them explaining how big and majestic castles are, or they have been watching these classics in movies fantasizing themselves, imagine the happiness on their face when they see these castles in real life, precious isn’t it? Don’t think twice, just plan your next  trip to Loire Valley of France for an unforgettable experience.


—Sampurna Chakraborty

An avid Traveller and a passionate writer.


Process of Obtaining A Schengen Visa


If you’re planning a trip to Europe, congrats! You’re about to have the time of your life. However you need to take care of some paperwork before you can embark on your adventure, most importantly your passport and visa.


26 countries in Europe allow you to travel with one common visa- the Schengen visa. These countries are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland


You can travel to one or more of these states with a Schengen visa obtained from the embassy of any one of these states.


In this article, I will take you through the process of obtaining a Schengen visa for your travel to Europe.


Firstly, if you’re travelling to multiple destinations, you need to decide which consulate you will be applying to. Ordinarily, it is advised that you apply to the consulate or embassy of the country in which you will be spending the most time. If this is undecided or the number of days is equal, apply to the country in which you will be landing first.


It is advisable to apply for your visa at least three weeks before your trip but no more than 3 months prior. Book an appointment with the VFS office, either online or via a phone call, sufficiently in advance (about a week before you want the appointment)


The next leg of the application process can be a little tiresome, but with the following checklist in mind, you should be good to go. Always make sure you have two sets of all the necessary documents- one file containing the originals, and another containing photocopies. Make handwritten checklists of the document list that you find at the end of this blog, and on the VFS website.


1. A valid passport – Issued within the last 10 years and with at least 3 months validity after your scheduled return. It must have at least two blank pages.


2. Two passport size photos according to the embassy specifications, taken not more than 6 months ago. The photo must be against a light (preferably white) backdrop. The photo must be 35 mm in length and 45 mm in height. Your face must be fully visible, from the bottom of the chin up to the hairline, and the size of the face should be between 32 and 36 mm.


3. A No-objection certificate (NOC) from your school or university (for students) or a leave letter from your company- clearly stating your designation and leave dates as well as the date on which you return to work.


4. Proof of financial status – Salary slips of the last three month, in order to prove that you can afford the trip. Certificate of proprietorship will suffice if you are self employed.


5. Income Tax Return (ITR) form or form 16 ((Certificate of Income Tax deducted at the source of salary) for three years. If you do not file an ITR you will need to submit an ITR of the person who is gifting the trip to you.


6. Bank statement of the last six months to prove sufficient funds. It is   recommended that you have a minimum of Rs 1.5 lacs per person in your account as closing balance


7. Proof of accommodation  for the entire duration of your stay in the Schengen area. If staying with friends or relatives for the whole or part of your trip, please check with VFS for documents required based on the country you are applying to – usually their passport and letter of invitation will suffice, but we strongly recommended checking with VFS before hand.


8. Flight tickets both to and from the Schengen area.


9. Travel insurance which you can buy online. The travel insurance must be valid for 30 days from your trip start date. Also, the sum insured must be a minimum of Euro 30,000.00 for hospitalization and must cover emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.


10. One copy of your passport’s data page Print the first two pages and last two pages of your passport in an A4 size paper.


11. Proof of residence – You are required to apply for your visa in the region in which you have been residing for the 6 months prior to applying for the visa. If it so happens that the region in which you are currently residing, and from which you are applying for your visa is not the same as the address mentioned in your passport, you will have to provide proof of residence in the form of an official document- such as your rent agreement or a utility bill (electricity or water or phone bill)


12. Application form – This can be downloaded from the VFS office of the respective country, and must be duly filled.


13. Cover Letter A letter addressed to the consulate to which you are applying. It must elaborate upon the following details

Purpose of visit (tourism, visiting friends or family)

Detailed itinerary, If you have a sponsor

Explain your personal relationship with your sponsor and the reason why they will be   sponsoring your trip

If you cannot submit any of the required documents, write about the reasons why you cannot submit and explain alternative documents that you may have submitted

You can also mention the reasons why you will not overstay the visa period (employment, personal assets, etc.), explain your rootedness to the country


   14.  VFS appointment letter.

Once you have made an appointment, show up to the VFS office 15 minutes before your appointed time. Ensure you have photocopies and originals of all documents and a printout of your VFS appointment letter. Once you have cleared security, you will be issued a token number. After this, you will have to submit your documents when your token number is called. If your documents are in order, they will give you a receipt to make the payment. The payment desks are in the same area, and you have to pay around Euro 60 per application + VFS service fees ,so ensure you carry a sufficient amount. Payment can be made via cash, card or DD.
Once  you come completed the payment, show your paid receipt at the counter where you submitted documents. You will be issued a tracking number and taken to the biometric room where your fingerprints will be recorded.

This is the complete process at the VFS office. You can track the status of your visa application on the VFS website. Once it has been processed you can collect your passport from the same office. The post document submission process usually takes around 15 days.


For any other queries, feel free to write to us at

—Meenakshi Kumar

An avid traveller who is a voracious reader!

Best Countries for Indians to Explore with Visa on Arrival  

We often desire to explore places around the World but stand back because of the hassle involved in the process of getting a Visa. Well, how about visiting places that provide on arrival visa for Indian citizens? Sounds good, doesn’t it? An Indian Passport is powerful enough to grant you an entry, one just needs tickets to fly.

Destinations today are more accessible to tourists than they were before and with these countries that provide Indians with a Visa on Arrival, either for a small price or for free or even over the internet for that matter, life couldn’t have gotten better. Here are the details of few countries. Just pick yours and get ready to take off!



Nepal, Home to the birthplace of Buddha and the highest mountain peak in the world, Nepal is a delightfully mysterious country that has always intrigued tourists. Its monasteries, yaks and tales of the abominable Yeti will enchant you all the more.

Visa: Owing to the Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship, Indian citizens do not require a visa to enter Nepal. All they need is a valid Indian passport and other bona fide photo identity issued by the Government of India. Nepal is in fact the most popular visa free country for Indians.

Getting There: Several direct and relatively short flights from major Indian cities fly to Kathmandu. Alternatively, it is possible to travel by train or bus from Delhi/Varanasi or Kolkata. The journey, however, is a lot longer.

Best Time to Visit: September to November.

Places of Interest:  Nepal is nothing short of a pilgrimage especially considering the presence of the Boudhanath and Swayambhunath Stupa and the Pashupatinath Temple. The Durbar Square in Kathmandu stands gracefully despite the extensive damage inflicted upon it by the earthquake of 2015 and deserves a visit. Moreover, the Everest Mountain Flight is another essential apart from the relaxed getaways to Pokhara and Nagarkot.


Where to go:


Kathmandu:Explore the capital city of Kathmandu that is home to beautiful valleys and sites such as Durbar Square, Swambhunath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhnath Stupa, it is actually a place where you find the union of two different religions- Hinduism and Buddhism.

Pokhara:Pokhara has an eye-soothing view, and is well known for Phewa Lake where tourists get an opportunity to boat around the lake embraced in scenic beauty. Pokhara is also the gateway to Annapurna Circuit- a popular trail of the great Himalays.

Nagarkot:Nagarkot is a well- known and beautiful valley popular among the tourists as it has the best spots to view “the top of the world”- Mt. Everest. It is a lifetime opportunity to watch the world’s  most beautiful sunrise and sunsets here.



Panoramic view of Himalayas from Nepal




Bhutan–The Land of the Thunder Dragon is as humble as it is mighty. With a stunning landscape coupled with a rich and fascinating culture, Bhutan is the mother of all destinations offering Indians a Visa on Arrival. India’s neighbour provides a great time for those who wish to have an enchanting and inexpensive holiday experience.

Visa: Indian nationals do not need a visa to enter Bhutan. A passport or any other valid identity proof is sufficient.

Best Time to Visit: October to December.

Getting There: Indians can reach Bhutan both by land or air. There are a number of inexpensive direct flights for those who intend to reach early. If you wish to take the road, you have to go via Siliguri to the Jaigaon border and then into Phuentsholing. Permits may be needed for visiting certain places in Bhutan.

Places to visit: Bhutan’s monasteries, especially Tiger’s Nest, are worth all the time in the world. The Punakha and Thimpu Dzong along with The Buddha Dordenma are examples of the strong architectural and religious presence in the kingdom. The icing on the cake is the cuisine which is both rich and healthy.


Where to go:


Paro: Paro is a beautiful valley of Bhutan, and is a route to reach the major attractions of the country. Through Paro, one can reach the world-famous  Tiger’s Nest Monastery- the most popular and unique  monastery of the country, and other popular attractions such as Rinpung Dzong, Chele La Pass and Haa Valley.

Thimpu: The capital city of Bhutan, Thimpu has the largest population, and is also connected to other beautiful valleys. When in Thimpu, visit Tamchong Lakhang, Buddha Dordenma Statue, Takin Sanctuary- where you can see Bhutan’s National animal.

Punakha: Punakha valley is most famous for the Punakha Dzong situated at the junction of river Pho Chu and Mo Chu. Also there is Chimmi Lakhang- a famous temple, and the longest bridge of Bhutan known as the Suspension Bridge.

The iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery




Maldives grants  Visa on arrival for Indians, and is truly a heaven for beach lovers. With extremely beautiful beaches, resorts, hotels and spas, it is surely an ideal holiday destination.


Where to go:


Male:The capital city of Maldives, Male has a lively city life along with beautiful beaches and architectures to see. When in Male, roam around the city and visit Islamic Centre, National Museum, Male Friday Mosque, and the renouned Male Fish Market. One can stay in the luxurious private resorts to experience the best of Male.

Hulhumale in Maldives:

Hulhumale is all about turquoise beaches that are breathtakingly beautiful, busy streets and beautiful resorts near the beach where you can feel the sea all day long.

Maafushi in Maldives:

Maafushi is one of the biggest islands of Maldives and can be reached from Male through Villingili Ferry Terminal. Once you reach Maafushi you can visit the popular beaches such as Bikini Beach, Public Beach, Coral Beach and so on, and opt for water sports such as Snorkeling, Scuba Diving.

Maldives and its serenity




Mauritius doesn’t require any visa for Indian National, and hence you are free to enjoy your trip for as many days as you want. Mauritius is an utterly beautiful island nation that has numerous places for you to visit.


Where to go:


Port Louis in Mauritius:

Port Louis is the Capital of Mauritius and holds the evidence of its Colonialised History With French and English. Port Louis has popular Forts, Museums, a Central Market  and the secondlargest horce racing course in the world.

West and Southwest Mauritius:

West and Southwest of Mauritius include many attractions such as- Chamarel and Chamarel Waterfall, Black River Georges National Park, Le Morne and Morne Brabant.

North Mauritius:

The North Trip includes- Pamplemousses, Grand Baie and Cap Malheureux.

South and Southeast Mauritius:

South and Southwest have must visits such as- Mahebourg, Gris Gris and Souillac.

Also one can take a Catamaran ride to the Ile Aux Cerfs islands that are indeed heavenly.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong asks no visa for 14 days from  Indian National, and hence you are free to go anywhere you want. Enjoy your trip in this joyous and vibrant land, and get lost among the metropolitan city and its planning that are highly modernized.


Where to go:


Hong Kong Island:

The central place of the island includes the metropolitan city with many tourist spots. Among the famous spots, VictoriaPeak is the most popular one as it provides a panoramic view of the city along with the most beautiful sunrise and sunsets.

Kowloon in Hong Kong:

 Kowloon is an ancient city of Hong Kong reflecting its history. The Kowloon Walled City is a famous park that reflects the ruins of the civilization along with the blend of Chinese Gardens.

Other Territories in Hong Kong:

Other Territories in Hong Kong include other famous spots such as the Big Buddha, Chi Lin Nunnery, Ten Thousand Buddhas and so on.

Hong Kong


For Indians, Jordan provides the visa on arrival. A beautiful country that is all about desserts, Camel rides, and wonders carved out of sandstones. Jordan is an ideal place for people who love History, architectures and safaris.


Where to go:


Amman in Jordan:

Amman is a beautiful city, and exploring it would be such a delight! This city is popular for its stunning views, Roman Theatre and mesmerizing sunsets to admire from the citadel.

Jerash in Jordon:

Jerash is all about temples, ruins of ancient buildings, plazas, amphitheatres and so on. It is a place holding on to its history.

Petra City in Jordan:

Petra is a world famous site recognized by UNESCO World Heritage, and is included in the Wonders of the World. Petra is one of its kind revealing the excellence of man-made carvings from huge sandstones. Petra has impressive tombs and monasteries that are bound to leave an impression.

Petra in Jordan


Cambodia is a widely famous tourist destination, and has plethora of places for you to visit. Mostly famous for its age-old temples, rice and paddy fields, culture shows and authentic cuisines, Cambodia is an amazing place to visit. The Kingdom of Cambodia is a tryst with the Gods and a heart-breaking historical journey rolled into one. Despite being greatly underdeveloped, it is an alluring country with the nicest people you will ever meet.

Visa: Cambodia is one of the few countries offering visa on arrival for Indians. All you have to do is pay 20 USD as soon as you get there. Your visa will be valid for 3 months and will allow you a 30-day stay in the country. You should also have a valid passport, a recent photograph of yours, a confirmed return ticket and your bank statements.

Getting There: Cambodia has two international airports, the Siem Reap International Airport in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh International Airport in the capital. While it has no national airline carrier, regular flights from Bangkok can take you to the two cities. Moreover, most Indian metropolises have direct flights to Bangkok and you should book your tickets in advance for the best prices.

Best Time to Visit: November to May.

Places of Interest: Discover your spiritual self at the Angkor Wat and Bayon. Explore the world of Lara Croft at the Ta Prohm temple. Pay homage to the victims of perhaps the worst pogrom known to mankind at the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and Choeung Ek. Cap it all off by getting a taste of luxury at the Royal Palace.


Where to go:


Phnom Penh in Cambodia:

The capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh (pronounced as NaamPen) resides beside the rivers  Mekong, Bassac and Tonle Sap. Phnom Penh has numerous historical architectures, and also reflects its history of FrenchColonialism through its buildings.

Siem Reap in Cambodia:

Siem Reap is the gateway to the world famous and one of the oldest temple of the world- AngkorWat. Built during the Khmer Empire, Angkor Wat holds a rich history of its kings and dynasties that are evident even to the modern world.

Sihanoukville in Cambodia:

 Sihanoukville is easy to get through from Siem Reap. This place is all about beautiful, luxurious resorts and less crowded beaches. Its famous beaches include- Victory Beach, Otres Beach, Sokha Beach and so on.



View of Siem Reap and Angkor Wat in Cambodia


While visiting Bolivia, the Indian Nationals are provided with Visa on Arrival.  A South American country, Bolivia is a beautiful land comprising of small mountains and of course the largest navigable river of the world- Titicaca. Bolivia is a paradise for food lovers and culture aficionados. Right from its coffee to its indigenous people, its dangerous roads to its many birds and snakes, the country is a thorough roller-coaster ride.

Visa: Indian nationals with an invitation letter from Bolivia can get a Visa on Arrival that is valid for 90 days. The fee could be around 100USD. Your passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months and a recent photograph is imperative too.

Getting There: Flights from India to the city of La Paz can have up to 3 stops right from London to Miami, Amsterdam to Sao Paulo. Tickets need to be booked a lot in advance and the journey usually is more than 24 hours.

Best Time to Visit: May to October.

Places of Interest: Bolivia is almost synonymous with the breath-taking Salar De Uyuni and rightly so. However, one must not forget that the country also has the majestic Lake Titicaca and Copacabana town. The city of La Paz with its Plaza Murillo, Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, the Witches Market and the cobbled streets of Calle Jaen is quite a draw as well.


Where to go:


Copacabana in Bolivia:

 Copacabana is a well- visited tourist destination in Bolivia, and the point from where one can admire the grand basin of Titicaca. The town of Copacabana is often crowded and joyful, and has plenty of Cafes and restaurants for you to enjoy along with its chilled evenings.

La Paz in Bolivia:

La Paz is a large city encompassed by the snow-tipped mountains of Altiplano. Explore the city of La Paz that is ideal for drinking, food, beautiful sites, and so on.

Rurrenabaque in Bolivia:

Rurrenabaque is an ideal place from which you can visit the AmazonBasin and won’t have to visit Brazil for setting your Amazon Journey.

Cochabamba in Bolivia:

Is a beautiful city most popular for the Jesus Statue that is the largest in the South America. There are also many museums and other sites to pay visit to. One can simply admire the view of Cochabamba as it is embraced in small mountains.

Sucre in Bolivia:

Constitutional capital of Bolivia, Sucre is an old city brimming in history and culture. With plethora of colourful buildings and vibrant street life, one must surely wander this city to learn amazing facts that it holds.


Copacabana, Bolivia



Thailand has the facility of Visa on arrival for Indians. It is truly a beautiful country full of rich culture and beauty- both architectural and scenic. Thailand is basically a country on steroids with its glittering high-rises, golden temples, splendid beaches, a thumping nightlife and secret islands. It is an exotic paradise like no other and the number of budget options it has to offer makes it one of the most sought after destinations in the world.

Visa: Thailand grants Indian citizens a Visa on Arrival for a maximum of 15 days. The only prerequisites are a payment of approx 3200/-, a valid passport and confirmed return tickets.

Getting There: Regular direct flights connect Indian cities to Bangkok, the Thai capital. The journey is anything between 2-4 hours and tickets come cheap.

Best Time to Visit: November to April.

Places of Interest: Discover the magnificence of the Golden Buddha and the Grand Palace. Shop till you drop at Chatuchak Weekend Market and have truckloads of fun at Safari World. Dance the night away at the Walking Street in Pattaya and sip a cocktail or two on the beaches of Phuket and Koh Samui. The list of things to do in Thailand never really ends.


Where to Go


Bangkok in Thailand:

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is all about vibrant street life and ornate shrines. The Grand Palace of Bangkok is a must visit which is truly majestic and captivating. Also visit the other famous sites such as Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho and Wat Arun temples that are an authentic example of Buddhist artistry and architecture.

Pattaya in Thailand:

Pattaya is mostly about beaches as it is situated on the Eastern Gulf Coast. When you visit Pattaya, don’t forget to visit the Truth of Sanctuary temple as it has an unique body carved out of wood.

Phuket in Thailnad:

Phuket has mesmerizing beaches such as Bang Tao Beach  along with small islands, among which Koh Phi Phi and Phang Nga are popular among tourists.



Sri Lanka

Srilanka, with its delectable cuisine, breath-taking beaches and tea plantations, is one of the most memorable trysts with nature. Its colonial past shines through its estates and ruins and its wonderfully intricate temples tell tales of the past. Sri Lanka is like a soothing balm and will keep you coming back for more.

Visa: Indians need an Electronic Travel Authorisation upon entering Sri Lanka and it is valid for 30 days. The fees must be paid in USD and you need sufficient funds and a return ticket.

Getting There: Several direct, short and inexpensive flights connect Indian cities to Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital.

Best Time to Visit: December to March and May to September. Greatly depends upon regional factors.

Places of interest: Right from some cheap shopping opportunities and bountiful natural beauty to a fascinating architecture that throws light on its heritage, Sri Lanka is a gem for travellers. Explore Adam’s Peak and get in touch with your spiritual side at the Temple of the Tooth. Discover the Citadel of Sigiriya and hike up to the Ella Rock. Immerse yourself in the many museums of Colombo and cosy up with a book amidst the tea plantations of Nuwara Eliya.


Where to go:


Colombo in Sri Lanka:

The capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo has plenty of places popular with tourists among which Gangaramaya Temple, Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple, National Museum and Viharamahadevi Park are must visits.

Ella in Sri Lanka:

Ella is a small village situated on the highlands of Sri Lanka, and has Tea Estates, Waterfalls, Mountains and a breathtaking view. The train ride from Kandy to Ella is among the most beautiful and scenic rides of the country.

Kandy in Sri Lanka:

Kandy is mostly popular for its sacred buddhist sites and Kandy Lake. The most popular attraction include the TempleofTooth and the Royal Palace of Kandy.

Sigiriya in Sri Lanka:

Sigiriya is famous for its centuries old Rock Fortress situated at the top of Sigiriya Cliff.

Sri Lanka


Bali has a facility of Visa on arrival for Indians that is valid for the next 30 days. Bali is all about beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, exotic spas, and old Temples depicting the Indonesian Culture.


Where to go:


Ubud in Bali:

Ubud is one of the first place one must visit while travelling to Bali. Not only it is the place of temples, paddy fields but also has luxurious resorts and spas. While visiting Ubud, don’t miss out the TegenunganWaterfall, Campuhan Ridge Walk, rafting along Ayung River, and lastly Ubud Market.

Uluwatu in Bali:

An ideal place for beach lovers, Uluwatu is all about beautiful beaches, greenery and Balinese culture. Visit the Uluwatu Beach, Nusa Dua Beach and Garuda Wisnu Kencena National Park to get the best of this place.

Seminyak in Bali:

A tourist friendly spot, Seminyak has crowded beaches where you can drink and relax, some Balinese Temples and Markets. SeminyakBeach is the major attraction of this place along with Petitenget Temple.




If you have your Indian Passport with you, Vietnam provides Visa on arrival.


Where to go:


Hanoi in Vietnam:

Hanoi is popular for Old Quarter, Ho Chin Minh’s Mausoleum, Presidential Palace and the One Pillar Pagoda.

Ha Long Bay in Vietnam:

 Ha Long Bay is another popular spot among tourists and can be reached from Hanoi. Ha Long Bay has amazing view, and is ideal for spending the day on a ship and discovering various caves and islets along with some water activities.

Nha Trang in Vietnam:

Nha Trang is all about old pagodas holding the Vietnamese culture for centuries. Among many pagodas, Long Son Pagoda is one of the most popular one.

Ho Chin Minh City in Vietnam:

Ho Chin Minh City is the largest city of Vietnam and has vibrant, busy streets along with many places to visit such as- War Remnants Museum, Former Presidential Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Post Office and Ben Tanh Market which has a fame for collective Souvenirs.

Vietnam at night


Seychelles is like a beautiful poetry written on a piece of paper. With its pristine rain-forests and hidden beaches, it is a gift to mankind. An archipelago of 115 islands, it t is easily one of the most soothing destinations in Africa.


Seychelles offers a Visitors Permit On Arrival for Indians free of charge for a period of 3 months if you have adequate funds and a return ticket. If you feel like you can’t get enough of the island, you can further extend your stay for a period of 3 months upto a maximum stay of 12 months from the date of issue. You would have to pay around 5000 SCR for the same.


How to get there:

There is a non-stop 4 hour long flight from Mumbai to Mahe in Seychelles and you can get a great deal upon booking in advance. Other flights usually go via Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Best Time to Visit: April to May and October to November.

Places of interest

Seychelles is all about the islands and beaches. Some notable names are Anse Georgette, Anse Lazio, Anse Source D’Argent, Curieuse Island, Coco Island and Petite Anse. The Valle de Mai Nature Reserve along with Morne Blanc collectively add to its charm.


Where to go:


Mahe in Seychelles:

Mahe is the largest island in Seychelles and is home to the only international airport along with stunning beaches. While staying in Mahe one must explore the capital city of Victoria, along with the popular beaches such as Beau Vallon Beach, Baie Lazare Beach and so on. One must opt for hiking at the Morne Seychellois Natioanl Park.

Praslin in Seychelles:

Praslin is another beautiful island of Seychelles and can be reached by a ferry from Mahe. The major attractions include the Vallede Mai National Park recognised by UNESCO, where you get to the the Coco demer palms– only found in Seychelles and is the world’s largest and heaviest seed. There’s also a popular white sand beach known as AnseLazio.

La Digue in Seychelles:

La Digue is another small island of Seychelles, and can be reached by a short ferry ride from Praslin. La Digue is mostly popular for realxed beaches such as the Grand Anse and many others.


So, no worries about Visas. Pack your bags and fly to your favourite destinations just with your Passports.

—Sampurna Chakrabory

A prolific writer and a travel buff!

How to Plan a Packed Four Days in Dubai


Dubai has a surprising amount of things to do for those looking to spend more time there. It’s a city trapped between the old and the new. A place in a conservative culture with old world customs while at the same time a Middle-Eastern Vegas where anything goes. Dubai is a fascinating, multi-cultural city that deserves a lot more than stopover.

Day 1 in Dubai:

Burj Khalifa

As you step out on your first day, plan a visit to the Dubai Mall (world’s largest mall!): go to the Dubai Aquarium, explore its restaurants for lunch, do some good shopping and then walk to the Burj Khalifa entrance to see the sunset from the tallest building in the world.

Start your adventure with the Dubai Aquarium at Dubai Mall – The 10-million liter Dubai Aquarium tank, located on the Ground Level of The Dubai Mall, is the largest suspended aquariums in the world. Come face-to-face with some of the ocean’s most fascinating predators, at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. For the first time, you don’t need diving experience to get up-close at feeding time, in a brand new shark feeding encounter – which brings you closer than ever to the creatures behind the exhilarating Shark Week exhibition (ticket price on average $50 USD depending on the experience).

Underwater Dining at Al Mahara

Have an early lunch at one of the many restaurants in the mall which will give you the required energy to shop. The best mall for completing your 10,000 step goal and enjoying the Dubai splendor in malls is Dubai Mall. For all shopping we recommend you wear your most comfortable sneakers ever- you could be there for hours!

You can buy Burj Khalifa tickets either on the site or pre book them online. If you are not booking tickets in advance, it’s advisable that before you settle down for lunch/shopping at the Dubai Mall, you first head to the Burj Khalifa (enter through the Dubai Mall) and check for availability of tickets. On weekends (which are Friday and Saturday in the ME), and around sun set time, you will see larger crowds of tourists and three things may happen: all tickets are sold out/you have tickets available but nor for the time slot you would like/ticket prices are too steep, especially for the 148th floor at sunset time. So ensure you reach the venue a few hours in advance and buy tickets. The 128th floor ticket should be cheaper while that of the 148th floor will be more expensive. In any case, if you find the ticket to the 148th floor to be priced AED 500, do not buy it, it’s too expensive and not worth it! From either floors, you will get panoramic views of the city and desert. At night, the building is illuminated by a spectacular light show of fish, palm trees, and other scenes while the fountain below at Dubai Mall dances to music. You can always catch the fountain show at the Dubai Mall (frequency is every 30 minutes starting 6:30PM, the last one being 11:00PM) if you don’t feel like going that high.

A Fountain Show at The Dubai Fountain

The Armani Lounge on the 1st floor lets you have your favourite drinks and nibbles (dinner too) and watch the fountains. There is also a fantastic restaurant called Atmosphere on the 122nd floor but you need to book it prior- you can book for drinks or for dinner. Remember that it doesn’t come cheap. You can watch the fountains from there as well, we promise they will be a delight.

Day 2 in Dubai:

Camel Safari Through the Desert

Take a desert safari – If you want to get a taste of the desert, head out on a day-long safari with Arabian Adventure. They will pick you up from your hotel as well as drop you back. You’ll be able to ride a camel, hold a falcon, explore the desert, and eat some traditional food while watching traditional Arabic dance. A day-long excursion will cost around 315 AED ($85 USD). (Note: there are other desert safaris that may be cheaper, but this is the full experience). Given the temperatures, the outdoors part is scheduled towards the evenings. During the heat of the afternoons, you spend time in the comfort of the car riding sand dunes – just remember to have had a light lunch as your stomach can churn during this exercise. It’s fun though!

Safari in a car

Day 3 in Dubai:

Visit Kite Beach – If you’re into kite surfing or water sports, this is a great place to catch some waves. The winds pick up in the afternoon, making it a good time to hit the water or just sit back and watch others do it. If watersports isn’t your thing, just come here to catch some rays and relax. While the UAE is a Muslim country, it’s not as conservative as you might expect. Dress as you would do in Europe: shorts and bikinis are fine. There’s no need to cover your head either. Once you are done, you can go back to your hotel to change and relax. Your next destination will be the Dubai Museum.

Dubai Museum – A small museum in old Dubai with not a lot of information but some really cool displays. It teaches you the history and culture of Dubai and life in the desert. At $1 USD admission, you can’t go wrong. While you can take a metro or a cab to get there, nothing beats the charm of getting there on a ferry, although it is not the most straight forward way to get there since you will still need a metro/cab till Deira. You will cross the Dubai creek from the neighbourhood of Deira using a traditional boat called ‘Abra’. This takes you to the Bur Dubai Old Souq and Water Bus Station. Here you can explore the Souq first or explore it on your way back. To go to the museum, walk towards Al Fahidi Street where the museum is located. There are several attractions around the museum that you can also see so ensure you keep your energy going.

Watch La Perle in the evening – Dubai’s one of a kind live masterpiece. A new era of entertainment has swept over Dubai with the debut of La Perle. Created and produced by one of the world’s most renowned artistic directors, Franco Dragone, La Perle transports audiences into another world. This interactive theatre experience should not be missed. Immerse yourself in the live show that takes inspiration from Dubai’s past, present and future. (


Day 4 in Dubai:


Hire a taxi and head out to Abu Dhabi. The journey takes an hour each way so is very convenient. The star attraction is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, a pristine white marble mosque that will mesmerize your senses. Beneath white-marble domes, the vast Mosque features an immense Persian carpet, crystal chandeliers and a capacity for 41,000 worshipers. In case you are looking for a lunch stop-over in Abu Dhabi, pre book one of the restaurants in the Emirates Palace (entry is not allowed to guests unless they have a reservation), which is a palatial hotel with a private marina. On your way back to Dubai, spend some time at the Ferrari World (remember it closes at 8PM), a mostly indoors amusement park on Yas island – it is connected to Yas Mall so can explore the Mall as well. A Bronze Pass entitles you to unlimited all-day access to the Ferrari World. There are restaurants inside where you can have your meals.


Day 5 in Dubai:

Depending on when your return flight is in the evening, you can check out the other Malls that will help you to shop till you drop. We will recommend the Mall of the Emirates and the Ibn Battuta Mall. The latter is inspired by the Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta and is the largest themed mall in the world. The countries that Ibn Battuta explored in his lifetime have their own distinct retail court and you will not regret the experience. The Mall of the Emirates also has an indoor ski resort called the Ski Dubai where you can also play with Penguins.


Catch your flight in the evening with beautiful memories to share with your loved ones!




The world is a book and all those who do not travel read only one page.


Who doesn’t love to travel? Traveling is meant to revitalize us!


But along with the blissful travelling comes fatigue, unending flights, uncooperative passengers and uncomfortable seating. But then there’s always a solution! And one such solution is yoga. Here is a list of 5 yoga asanas that are a great stress and fatigue reliever!

1.Garud asana



How To Do The Garudasana

Begin by standing in the Tadasana. Move your left leg up and cross it over the right one. Try to hook your left foot behind the right calf. Bend a bit, if you must. Now bring your arms forward and bend them at the elbows. Cross the right arm over the left one and bring the palms together. Stretch your arms upwards.


Strengthens:Ankle, Calf

Pose Type:Balance, Hip opener, Standing

Also Known As: Eagle Pose


2.Bhujang asana



How To Do The Bhujang Asana

Lie face down on the floor. Place your palms on the floor, on either side of you, slightly lower than your shoulders. Lift your upper body off the floor by pushing your palms against the floor. Get into a cobra pose by using your back and abdominal muscles. Keep your thighs firmly on the ground as you arch your back upwards. Maintain the pose for a full 10 seconds.

Goal: Start your day on a fresh note, salute the sun and feel rejuvenated the entire day.

Strengthens: Vertebral column

Pose Type: Prone

Also Known As: Cobra Pose





Goal: To relax after long drives

How To Do The Tadasana

This simple asana sets the base for all other yoga poses. Stand straight, placing both your legs slightly apart. Your hands should hang freely alongside your body. Raise your arms and stretch upwards, from feet to your head. Exhale and release. Repeat.

To relax yourself after a long flight or a car ride, Tadasana is the perfect yoga pose to wake up your muscles, limbs and joints.

Strengthens: Knee, Thigh, Ankle

Pose Type: Standing

Also Known As: Mountain Pose




Goal: To ease your muscles and freshen your mind

How To Do The Utkatasana

In a need of some serious stretching on a road trip? Stand with your feet slightly apart, stretch your arms to the front and over your head. Bend your knees and lower yourself slightly as if you are sitting on a chair. Be comfortable.

Missing your intense gym workout but on a vacation? Compensate with this advance asana!

Strengthens: Vertebral column, Thigh, Ankle, Calf

Pose Type: Standing, Core

Also Known As: Chair pose

5. Shavasana



Goal: To rejuvenate body, mind and spirit

How To Do The Shavasana

Shavasana is perhaps one of the easiest, yet most important asanas in yoga. Lie flat on your back (make sure not to use a cushion) with your legs slightly apart. Leave your palms open, facing upward. Close your eyes, breathe deep. Relax your entire body.

Wind up your yoga session with Shavasana to develop a deep, meditative state of rest to your body.

Strengthens: Relaxes body and mind

Pose Type: Restorative

Also Known As: Corpse pose


Now travel and move around the globe actively! The world is waiting for you. Go and explore it. These yoga asanas are your tour guide! They won’t let you get tired.

Happy Journey😊


–Molisha Sachdeva


A prolific writer and a health buff Molisha enjoys the benefits of yoga. She likes to research more and more about yoga and spread the benefits!



Welcome to Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Are you missing something my fellow travelers?


“Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God”.


“Sounds like you have traveled almost every renowned destination, yet you feel something missing”.


What’s that something?

Romance of Rome, elegance of France, charm of Spain, beauty of Belgium, anything or everything about these places is that, these places are all very crowded most of the tourism season as these are amongst the most preferred traveling destination.

We don’t even spend time on trying places where not many people have already traveled.


Have you considered a trip to Asian continent, what countries would you choose, if yes?

I’m pretty sure if not confirm, the answer would be countries like China, India, Tibet and relevant on your top priority lists. No doubt, again these countries experience a heavy foreign tourism every year.


The point I’m trying to make is try places where few of your buddies have traveled, if any. You would rule the discussion at the parties and teas as they won’t have any experience of what you are talking about.


Worry not! Your host which is me, would be guiding you through the entire journey. Follow me ….



Today! We take you to this very beautiful country Uzbekistan, I’m sure you would find what experiences I was talking about in a moment.


Welcome to Tashkent, Uzbekistan



Tashkent Railway station

Even though the entire Asian continent only is culturally very rich and diverse, Uzbek is one where you would get an entire different experience.


Note: We suggest you to go for around a couple of weeks of visa to comfortably cover all the cities of Uzbekistan.


The most desired cities and destinations are as shown below…




Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan. It’s known for its many museums and its mix of modern and Soviet-era architecture.



The Amir Timur Museum houses manuscripts, weapons and other relics from the Timurid dynasty. Nearby, the huge State Museum of History of Uzbekistan has centuries-old Buddhist artifacts.

The city’s skyline is distinguished by Tashkent Tower, which offers city views from its observation deck.


Chorsu Bazar in Tashkent:


The market has been going for centuries, but it was the Soviets who constructed and covered it with the blue-domed building. All the locals come to the bazaar, which means that this is also a great place to observe the ethnic and cultural blend Tashkent is famous for.

Chorsu Bazar


We strongly recommend you buy kurut, a Central Asian snack which consists of dried cheese balls.


Hotel Uzbekistan in Tashkent:


Best thing about traveling to ex-Soviet countries is visiting Soviet buildings. They are massive, old-fashioned and made of concrete.


Hotel Uzbekistan

In Tashkent, our favorite Soviet building would be, definitely, Hotel Uzbekistan, whose size and elegance won’t leave you any less than wow.


Tashkent metro: 


Tashkent metro is an artistic masterpiece amongst the Soviet republics. Built extremely deep in the ground, almost every station of the Tashkent Metro is absolutely gorgeous, all very different from each other.


Tashkent Metro

From beautiful mosaics to massive, goldish-candelabras, we spent hours just going up and down the metro, while stopping at its many gorgeous stations.


Cultural Art and Sculptures in Tashkent:


 The culture has formed over millenniums and has taken in traditions and customs of various nations settled on the territory of todays’ Uzbekistan.


Art and culture

The Great Silk Road played a great role in the development of Uzbekistan culture. Being the trade route, it ran from China to two destinations: first one was to Ferghana Valley and Kazakh steppes and second route led to Bactria, and then to Parthia, India and Middle East up to Mediterranean Sea.



Hazrat Imam Complex in Tashkent:


 An official religious center in the city and, of course, one of the top Tashkent tourist attractions. Composed of mosques with turquoise domes. Hazrat Imam Complex is the main reason to visit Tashkent and the place where you will understand why this Central Asian metropolis had been such an important place.


Hazrat Imam Complex


Muyi Mubarak Library is the most important building, as it contains the world’s oldest Quran and a relic which is nothing less than a hair from Prophet Muhammad (that’s what they claim, verify yourself and let us know).


 Tashkent TV tower:


 TV tower, the highest building in Central Asia. You can actually visit it, but the observation deck is at only 96 meters, even though you get a pretty good panoramic view of Tashkent’s skyline.


Tashkent TV tower

Price for foreigners is 15USD but if you could manage to get through a local, pay the local price, which is 36,000UZS (4.30USD).


Tashkent Stadium

“There are several other beautiful attraction sites to visit, not a week is enough once you start getting involved and feeling the culture and lifestyle”.


Delicious regional cuisines are always add-ons to the elegance of the tourist destinations. Try out as much of delicious varieties of sweets and meals as you can.


Do share with us your personal experiences, once you get to visit the city.


We’ll visit other cities as well in our upcoming blogs.


“Stay connected and keep exploring new destinations with WiseYatra” .


—Kaushik Raj

He is a “Marketing professional and Lifestyle Entrepreneur” who has a passion for travelling and writing. Loves traveling to Europe. Reads travel books in his free time!


Attractions in Croatia and Czech Republic

Have you been thinking about visiting some European countries? Well,  you must begin your exploration by visiting the two beautiful countries, Croatia and Czech Republic. Both have plethora of tourist attractions and scenic beauty, like one has never seen before. Give a spur to your wanderlust soul and begin exploring the unseen places with your loved ones.



One of the popular Countries of Eastern Europe, Croatia has a lot to contribute to your priceless travel memories. The list of places you should check out ,when on a trip to Croatia, is listed below-


  • Zagreb in Croatia-


Capital of Croatia, Zagreb has plenty to explore including its landmarks and astounding scenic beauty. The city is divided into two sections- Upper Town and the Lower Town. Upper Town has iconic buildings like, Gornji Grad, St. Mark’s Church, the quirky museum,Museum of Broken Relationships. Whereas the Lower Town includes,Croatian National Theatre, Mimara Museum, Green Horseshoe park, Ethnographic Museum depicting the culture of Croatia, and Maksimir Park. One must also visit the age-old Austro-Hungarian style Square of Zagreb, Ban Jelacic Square located at the centre of the city which has a phenomenal number of restaurants, cafes and shops .

View of the city of Zagreb



  • Zadar in Croatia-


An ancient Roman City, Zadar is a wonderful coastal city with a breathtaking water front. Visit the ancient square of Zadar and explore its ancientry such as the St. Donatus Church, Archaeological Museum, Museum of Ancient Glass and  Museum of Illusions.

Stroll through the Kalelarga Street and Five Wells Square. Walk to the Promenade and experience the most magical sunsets near the Adriatic sea by visiting the Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun.

Sea Organ- Zadar



  • Split in Croatia-


Split is a buzzing city with just the right blend of modernity with tradition.While visiting Split, one must visit its major attraction, the Roman Palace,a Diocletian’s Palace built during the 4th century.

Head towards the Old Town, watch the Gregory of Nin Statue and explore the Gallery of Art.

Visit the ancient square Peristil and the Cathedral of Saint Domnius and enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful city from the Bell Tower.

Go for exploring the outdoor of Split by visiting the Underground Market or its restaurants and cafes in the Riva Promenade. One can visit the Marjan Hill and admire the view of the city or relax on the lovely beaches such as Bacvice and watch the beautiful sunsets.


View of Split


  • Plitvice in Croatia-


 Use public transport and visit the lakes of Plitvice which actually seem like a paradise.  Plitvice National Park is made up of sixteen lakes that are connected by a series of waterfalls and surrounded by picture-perfect woodlands.Just a tip ,reach really early to avoid getting stuck behind the long queue of tourists and carry a picnic lunch.Everything inside the park is quite pricey.


Aerial view of Plitvice Lakes


  • Dubrovnik in Croatia-


 The beauty of Dubrovnik never fails to amaze the visitor.The grand Old Town has still preserved its magnificence and medieval charm. Dubrovnik has a plethora of things to do and see.Stroll around the Old Town and explore the ageold Stradun Street. Visit the old City Walls of Dubrovnik and opt for a cable ride to the highest point, Srd Hill ,which has a breathtaking view . Also visit the Cathedral Of The Assumption Of Mary,Rector’s Palace,Dominican Monastery and Museum. A twenty minute walk from the Old Town  takes you to Lapad area .Reach and walk the Uvala Street and enjoy the restaurants,shops,live music and then relax on the beach.


View of Dubrovnik


Czech Republic


With breathtakingly beautiful picturesque sites, Czech Republic is sure to win your heart. Places to enjoy include the following-


  • Prague in Czech Republic-


 The capital city of Czech Republic, Prague is all about castles, bridges, scenic night life and beautiful landscapes. While exploring the city one must visit the following places, the centuries old St. Charles Bridge crossing the Vltava River, Old Town Astronomical Clock, churches such as, St. Nicholas Church and Our Lady Before Tyn, also the Kinsky Palace, Jan Hus Memorial, House at the Stone Bell.

Also visit the most popular castle, Prague Castle, believed to be one of the largest castles in the world.



Night Scene of Prague


  • Brno in Czech Republic-


 When in Brno, begin with Spilberk Castle, and then visit the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. Explore the Cabbage Market,the most popular one in the city, and then head towards the Old Town Hall to explore its historic beauty. There are a number of squares in Brno, pay a visit to each one of them to get a good grip of the town.



Church at Brno


  • Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic-


 Another beautiful and popular attraction of Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov has  magical atmosphere. Begin your journey with a  visit to the Castle Tower and Castle Gardens and admire the stunning view. Afterwards, wander into the Old Town and check out the buildings and architecture that has a blend of Gothic and Renaissance style. Go for rafting in the river Vltava and get a different perspective of the city.



Cesky Krumlov


  • Kutna Hora in Czech Republic-


 Kutna Hora is an ancient Silver mining town and a popular city of the Czech Republic, also  known as the Haunting Town. This place has an eerie atmosphereand is popular for the Gothic St. Barbara’s Church, and Sedlec Ossuary, a chapel decorated with human skeletons. There’s also the Czech Museum of Silver which represents the city’s history.


The Bone Church in Kutna Hora


  • Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic-


With its Colonnades and thermal springs,Karlovy Vary offers carefree roaming combined with energetic treks .Have a good look at the panoramic view of the city by reaching the Diana Observation Tower .After enjoying the view, come down to Dvorak Park, take a stroll in the scenic park. Visit the historical building of Mill Colonnade and the Russian Orthodox Church with Golden domes. One can also just simply walk across the river and admire the beauty of the city and its lively city life.


Karlovy Vary

Don’t keep waiting for the right time, just make plans!


—Sampurna Chakraborty

Dubai: A City Of Wonders

Why is it a good idea to visit Dubai?

Dubai, a land of eminent success and a paradigm of ultramodern architecture is surely a dream destination that one should add in their bucket list. Dubai is luxurious, embraced in the beauty of the great Arabian Desert, it is a place of lively nightlife scenes with glimmering towers, making it an unforgettable experience for the one who visits here. The magnificent towers, the essence of Safari through the great sandy desert, the beautiful beaches, the delicious food along with luxurious  hotels and shopping, amusement parks, Dubai is one of its kind. The architectural elegance you get to see in Dubai has no comparisons. Here are some not to miss destinations in Dubai:

The Burj Khalifa 


The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest skyscraper in the world comprising of 163 floors, thus making it a major tourist attraction. This man-made architectural masterpiece offers a number of Observatory Decks at various floors giving a “top of the world” experience to its tourists. Well Burj Khalifa is not only famous for its height, it is also the tallest building to have a residential place which offers suits by Armani Hotels. Have you ever wondered where the world’s highest Nightclub is? Yes, it is here in the 144th floor of Burj Khalifa offering a lifetime experience for the “party people” . And lastly a “cherry on top”, this tallest building also has the world’s highest restaurant in it named Atmosphere, which offers luxurious food along with a mesmerizing view of the great sandy Desert and the wonders of Dubai. So, when you visit Dubai, The Burj Khalifa will surely catch your eyes and you cannot resist from visiting it.


Burj Khalifa


A view from the Top of Burj Khalifa

Burj Al Arab 


The Burj Al Arab is a luxurious hotel which stands alone on an artificial island and is structurally connected to the Jumeirah Beach. The architecture of this hotel is unique, as it stands in the form of a ship’s sail, and offers a view which the eyes never forget. The Burj Al Arab is the third tallest hotel in the world and is connected to the mainland through a private bridge. The Al Muntaha is a restaurant in Al Arab which is 660ft high situated above the Pursian Gulf offering a mesmerizing view of Dubai. And Al Mahara is widely famous for its underwater dining offering a view which is unimaginably beautiful. This Five-star hotel is managed by the Jumeirah Group and is sometimes stated as “the only seven-star hotel” in the world. Hence this hotel gives its guests the best luxurious experience.

Burj Al Arab
Underwater Dining at Al Mahara


Jumeirah Mosque


Jumeirah Mosque is one of the most famous mosques in Dubai, which also offers a tour for the non-muslims. Jumeirah Mosque is famous for its artistic beauty and the peaceful ambience that encompasses this place.


Jumeirah Mosque

Desert Safari


When you are in Dubai, Safari comes first in the “to do” list. Dubai offers an exquisite experience of Safari to its tourists, which includes Camel Rides through the great Arabian desert, where the camels are beautifully decorated, it also offers Dune Bashing, and lastly a delicious mouth-watering Arabian Dinner accompanied by the essence of Belly Dancing.


Camel Safari Through the Desert


Palm Jumeirah


The Palm-shaped Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago  situated on the Persian Gulf. The Palm Jumeirah is known for its posh hotels and residential towers along with globally famous restaurants. At the Broadwalk, there are a number of food trucks that offer snacks specially “Shawarma” the famous Middle-Eastern food. Apart from these, Palm Jumeirah has many Beach Spas and Nightclubs offering live Dj evenings. This place is surely a “fun place” to visit and relax yourselves, but the most amazing fact about Palm Jumeirah is that they are clearly visible from the space.


The Palm Jumeirah

Jumeirah Beach


Jumeirah Beach is named after the Jumeirah district of Dubai, and is situated at the coast of Persian Gulf. This white sandy beach is the most popular beach of Dubai attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world. This beach not only provides a relaxing ambience, but also the tourists get to see the majestic Burj Al Arab.


Jumeirah beach


The Dubai Fountain


The Dubai Fountain is famous worldwide for its marvellous choreographed fountain system, which is also the largest choreographed fountain system in the world. The shows occur at evenings on the man-made Burj Khalifa Lake where the fountains are made to sparkle through thousands of light beams and the jets change their formation according to  the music played.


A Fountain Show at The Dubai Fountain


Atlantis The Palm


Atlantis The Palm is a luxurious hotel resort located at the apex of Palm Jumeirah, which is famous worldwide for providing  Underwater Dining and a personalized aquarium with underwater halls and tunnels called The Lost Chambers Aquarium. This resort is “luxury at its peak”.


Atlantis The Palm

Dubai Miracle Gardens


Dubai Miracle Gardens is like the “Eden of Dubai”. It is the largest Natural Flower Garden in the world and contains an exquisite varieties of flowers. A flower garden like this in a land of desert is a miracle, with its extravagant decoration, this place surely feels like heaven.


Al Bastakiya


Build during the 1890’s, Al Bastakiya serves as the heritage of UAE. It is a museum that contains a number of art gallaries and also cafes and restaurants. These museum gallaries display pure Arabic artistry and is bound to make you fall in love with them.


Dubai Gold Souk


“Souk” is an Arabic term for street market or bazaar, it was believed that the Iranians and the Indians set up gold shop at first at the district of DeiraAs you know Dubai is also worldly famous for its gold trades, so when you are in Dubai you must never miss to visit its Gold Markets. It is also believed that this market sells gold cheaper in price than its neighbouring places, so if you know a little bit of bargaining, you might get lucky to get unbelievable discounts.

Wild Wadi Park


Wild Wadi Park is a famous water park in Dubai. This water park is situated next to Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and is popular for its fun rides. The Jumeirah Sceriah is the tallest and fastest free-falling water slide (outside of N and S America). This is the perfect “fun place” for families, and it also has a separate kids play area with over 100 water rides and games.


Wild Wadi Park


Skydive Dubai


One of the major attractions in Dubai is the Skydive. The Skydiving enables you to admire Dubai from the top and you can “fly as free as a bird” and take away a breathtaking experience with you. Dubai offers Skydiving at its two famous places, the Palm Jumeirah or over the Arabian Desert, the experience that you will get would be mixed up with fear and joy, but you need not to worry as the instructors would guide you and take care of your safety., So go and have some real fun.


Skydiving Above the Palm Jumeirah


The Dubai Mall


The Dubai Mall is the second largest mall in the world. Well its Dubai and it can’t be just a simple one, this mall contains an Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, and also has a huge gaming area, a famous cafe with artistic excellence, and a genuine fossil of a Dinosaur (Diplodocus). It also has an indoor themed park and a haunted house named Hysteria which gives its visitors a spine-chilling experience.


Interior of Dubai Mall

Helicopter Ride


One of the most splendid experiences of Dubai includes its Helicopter rides. The rides enable you to admire the beauty of Dubai and enjoy the views of the Burj Khalifa, Al Arab, The Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis The Palm, The World (the globe made through artificial islands and is visible even from the space), and gives you a lifetime experience.


Ride Above Atlantis The Palm

Dubai calling…Pack your bags!

—Sampurna Chakraborty

A Student of Literature who has a passion for writing, traveling and spreading happiness. During her trips, good books and cups of coffee are her constant companions. She also is very enthusiastic about photography and loves to click even the simplest things in day to day life. She aspires to travel the World someday and write Novels.

An Unforgettable Trip to Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong and Macau are ideal getaways to escape the boredom of routine life and immerse your senses in a world comprising of vibrant and densely populated streets full of life, modern skyscrapers and a plethora of amazing places to rejuvenate your mind and soul.

The Vegas of China: Macau City

The city of Macau is often referred as “the Vegas of China” known as it is for its Casinos. It is the epicenter of gambling and lavish, luxurious night life.
Macau was a Portuguese colony for over 300 years and hence the architecture here is a blend of Portuguese and Chinese styles. The effect is reflected mostly in Buddhist Temples of the city that have many Portuguese features.

Let’s get to know the must visit places of this city:

1. Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral in Macau-

The ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral date back to the 17th century. Among one of the most visited attractions of Macau, this ruin was once the greatest Church in the region but was burnt down in an unfortunate fire during 1835. Now all that remain are its ruins that remind us of its good old days.

Ruins of St. Paul’s Church

2. Macau Tower-

One of the highest and most important landmarks in Macau, Macau Tower is certainly worth a visit. The tower is 338 meters high and offers a breathtaking view of the city surrounded by water. One can do Bungee Jumping, Sky Walking or one can simply admire the city from its observation deck.


Macau Tower

3. Taipa in Macau –

Taipa is an island in Macau joined to the Coloane Island by Cotai strip. Taipa reflects its history of colonialism, and there are a lot of things one can do here such as visiting the famous Taipa Houses Museum and Museum of Taipa and Coloane History. One can gamble in a number of casinos here, or go hiking or cycling in the small hills of the picturesque Taipa village.


Taipa Houses Museum

4. Mount Fortress in Macau-

Historic centre of Macau and a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO, Mount Fortress belongs to the 17th century and was built as a primary defense from the pirates attacking from the sea. The fort is spread for about 10,000 square meters and is amongst the oldest buildings of Macau.


Mount Fortress

5. A-Ma Templein Macau-

Built in the early 15th century, A- Ma Temple is the oldest temple of Macau and is dedicated to the Chinese Sea Goddess- “Mazu”.

A- Ma Temple

Cosmopolitan City of Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong is so full of life that it is bound to captivate your heart and give you memories to cherish for life. The city is not only about its success in modern architecture but also about its scenic beauty and culture. When in Hong Kong these places are a must visit:

1. Victoria Peak in Hong Kong:

Also known as Mount Austin, this peak is the highest mountain in Hong Kong and an ideal place to admire the mesmerizing cityscape. One can experience beautiful sunsets and watch the city light up and dazzle as the sun goes down. Also don’t forget to have a Tram Ride at the peak, and visit the Peak Tower, a modern shopping complex with lots of restaurants. There is also an observatory platform to enjoy the view.


Panoramic view of Hong Kong from Victoria’s Peak

2. Central and Sheung Wan in Hong Kong:

One can take a stroll along the Central and Sheung Wan, a market full of Chinese Art and Crafts including clothing, accessories and street food.

3. Kowloon Walled City Park in Hong Kong:

A themed park in Hong Kong that features the preserved artifacts of the Kwoolon City which was once a Chinese garrison.


Kowloon Walled City Park

4. Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery in Hong Kong:

Visit the most famous monastery in Sha Tin of Hong Kong that includes ten thousand statues of Buddha in different postures.


Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery

5. Chi Lin Nunnery and Nin Lian Garden in Hong Kong-

Chi Lin Nunnery and Nin Lian Garden are islands of serenity among the chaos of Central depicting the rich Chinese culture, varieties of species of flora and fauna, and especially Chinese architecture.


Chi Lin Nunnery

6. Hong Kong Disneyland:-

When you visit Hong Kong, there’s no way you can go back without visiting the Hong Kong Disneyland, a place that is bound to give you immense joy and plentiful memories. Your must dos include

1. Rides-

From easy to scary you can have your pick from the rides on offer.

2. Cultural Shows-

Disneyland Hong Kong also arranges cultural shows, some famous festivals and laser light shows that thrill.

3. Disney Parade-

Watch the Carnival of world famous Disney Characters parade and dance.

Hong Kong Disneyland

7. Ocean’s Park in Hong Kong:

Ocean’s Park is located in the South of Hong Kong, and is a theme park that consists of Marine Mammal park, Oceanarium, Animal theme park and Amusement park. Not only does the park have a stunning interior, but is itself embraced by small hills and water bodies. When in Ocean’s Park explore the Sky Gondola that gives a panoramic view of the park, Old Hong Kong that resembles a film set, Polar Adventure to say hello to the Arctic Penguins and Seals, Ocean Theatre to watch the Dolphin shows, Roller Coasters and other rides. One must also meet the Asian animals such as Pandas and Red Raccoons and dine at the Neptune’s Restaurant beside the huge aquariums with exquisite varieties of tropical fishes.

Panoramic view of Ocean Park Hong Kong.

So why wait? Plan an unforgettable trip to Hong Kong and Macau!


–Sampurna Chakraborty
A Student of Literature who has a passion for writing, traveling and spreading happiness. During her trips, good books and cups of coffee are her constant companions. She also is very enthusiastic about photography and loves to click even the simplest things in day to day life. She aspires to travel the World someday and write Novels

Ideal International Trips For the Girl Gang  

Being an economically independent woman is an amazing thing. No bars of‘ do’s and don’ts set by someone who does not really get you. Doing things because you believe in them, not because you  have been told to do all that. When womanhood is such a positive, vibrant and beautiful feeling, why not celebrate it with your girl gang? You don’t need legit reasons to celebrate with your gang, do you? If you don’t, then we have come up with a few of our own. So, just pack your bags and fly off to amazing locations and explore!


  1. Craving to escape diet? Visit China:

When you have been eating healthy for months but now you crave for some spicy treats, visit China. Once you step into this incredible country you have innumerable choice of food and who says no to Chinese food anyway? Wontons, dumplings, noodles and several other edibles with authentic flavours, are the choices, you are spoilt with.



Chinese Cuisine

Well ,would you only travel for food to a different country? Of Course not, explore this joyous country by visiting Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macau to see the best of China.


Explore the city of Shanghai which is rich in history and an excellent window to the Chinese culture. Begin your exploration with Yuyan Garden, the most popular and ancient garden of the city built during the Ming Dynasty.  Head towards Suzhou and visit the 1000 years old town of Tongli , having  traces of Ming and Qing Dynasty.  And finally head to Hangzhou and explore the West Lake, also the Lingyin Temple.


View of Shanghai at night


Beijing- The capital city of China-

Beijing offers the best sights. Begin your explorations  from Tiananmen Square and see some famous landmarks. Then head towards The National Museum of China which is worth a visit. Other popular attractions include The Forbidden City, Mao’s Mausoleum,Temple of Heaven and Lama’s Temple.

A trip to China is incomplete without visiting The Great Wall of China, a man made wonder. Just 75 kms away from Beijing, it’s easily  accessible  and an opportunity which should not be missed.



Temple of Heaven in Beijing


Hong Kong-


Hong Kong is an absolute joy to visit. Days here are fun-filled but nights are even   more attractive with the casinos and the wonderful city-lights. See the panoramic view of the city and watch the most beautiful sunsets along with the cityscape from Victoria Peak. Head towards the city and pay a visit to the Kowloon Walled City with the ruins of Kowloon City and also the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery which has thousand statues of Buddha in different postures. One can also visit Chi Lin Nunnery and admire its greenery and of course, the Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean’s Park.



Panoramic view of Hong Kong




Macau is another popular attraction of China and has often been called Vegas of Asia. Admire the beauteous view of the island from the iconic Macau Tower or explore Macau’s history in the ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral,  Mount Fortress  and the 15th century old temple A- Ma Temple. One can also visit Taipa to explore the history of colonialism in Macau.



Macau Tower




  1. Dying to try those beautiful Boho dresses ? Grab your bags and hop to Bali:


It isn’t the time for vacation yet but you are dying to wear those beautiful Boho dresses lying idle in your closet giving you beach vibes. Why wait for the right time? Grab your dresses, flip flops, beach hats, sunscreen, sunglasses and head to Bali to spend  time with your girl gang relaxing on the famous beach or  getting pampered in the luxurious spas. The attractions not to miss in Bali are:


Boho and the Beach

When in Bali, Ubud is a must visit. This place has some traditional age-old temples and a serene view surrounded by paddy fields and also unimaginably beautiful resorts. Explore the scenic beauty of Ubud by visiting the Tegenungan Waterfall, strolling at the Campuhan Ridge Walk, rafting  along Ayung River and finally visiting the Ubud Market.





Uluwatu is magical and ideal for beach lovers, surrounded by sapphire waters and greenery,  it has eye soothing sites that would rejuvenate your soul. Uluwatu has some of the most beautiful beaches of the world, Uluwatu Beach, Blue Point Beach, Nusa Dua Beach, to name a few. Apart from those there is, the Uluwatu Temple and the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park depicting the Balinese culture, which are worth your time.






Another tourist- friendly spot, when in Seminyak, explore the Seminyak Beach full of  happy faces, having a great time. One can also relax at the beach after sunset with drinks. Visit the Petitenget Temple, most popular in the region. For all those back home, go shopping in the Seminyak Village or Jalan Raya Seminyak Shopping Street.






  1. Wish to see the best pubs of the world? Visit London:


You and your girls are party people,  you love  dancing and laughing your hearts out with merriment, also you have  great taste when it comes to alcohol? Then, no place in the world is better  for you, than London. With innumerable world-famous  English pubs spread across the busy streets, sophisticated people, a variety of Tequilas and cocktails and also “Beer! Beer! everywhere!”,  it’s just perfect .


Drinking in London

Well don’t just  go drink-happy all night, go around this wonderful and the most popular city of Europe. While in London, try these things:


Take a ride on the London Eye to get a panoramic view of the captivating city especially at night when the city lights are  dazzling .



London Eye

Don’t miss the iconic Clock tower, Big Ben. Also enjoy the cityscape beside the clock tower, visit  the majestic Westminster Palace.


Big Ben

River Thames-Admire the beauty of river Thames and that absolutely delightful Tower Bridge built above the river. Also stroll among the busy streets to have a dream-like experience.



Tower Bridge

Buckingham Palace- Embellish your trip by visiting the royal Buckingham Palace that  bears the legacy of British Monarch for ages. Your trip to London is incomplete without visiting ‘the Queen’s place’.


Buckingham Palace



  1. Garmi lagi (Feeling Hot)? Visit Switzerland   

    (Don’t just wait for your honeymoon when you have your Girl Gang):

India has hot and humid weather for most of the  year and the wait for winters is too long for the winter lovers. When the scorching heat is driving you crazy, why not visit ‘the heaven on earth’,  cloaked in snow along with scenic landscapes. Most  women dream of honeymooning in Switzerland but when you have the perfect group why wait so long for it? Come over and say cheers to womanhood with cups of hot chocolate!



Scenic Train Rides in Switzerland

Nothing can compete with the scenic beauty of Switzerland, visit these places to witness heaven-like landscapes:


When in Zurich, begin your journey by visiting Fraumunster Church with famous stained glass window giving it a unique look.  Have a stroll around the Town Hall or Stadthaus and watch the colourful buildings and wonderful scenery beside the river.  Head towards the Lindenh of hill to have a panoramic view of this beautiful city. You can also visit Charles Tower, a popular observatory in the city.



Head to the Geneva Lake surrounded by the Alpine Mountains and enjoy the view .There you would get to see the famous Jet d’ Eau, a jet amongst the lake. Also visit the Cathedral de St. Pierre, Geneva’s most popular History Museum (MAMCO) and the Chillon Castle. While strolling around the city visit the popular Palais des Nations or take a break and head to the beautiful villages Mont Blanc, Chamonix and Gruyeres.



Lucerne is a charming lake city that is  full of swans and ducks ,making it more beautiful. Wander in the Old Town to see the beautiful wooden bridge.Take a cruise to explore the city and enjoy the mesmerising sites. Also visit Mt. Pilatus and admire the charming landscape.





Don’t forget to have a race with your gang while Skiing.



  1. Party Mood? Celebrate with your Girl Gang in Thailand:

Festivals are miles away, but you cannot shake off  that party mood? Head to Thailand to have  the best parties of your lives. Say cheers to life! Enjoy the lively nights in Pattaya, Bangkok. Relax on the beaches or have a beach party, stay on the luxurious resorts and also have a splendid shopping time with your girl gang around the city.



Cheers to Life in Thailand



Vibrant Streets along with ornate shrines, Bangkok has a lot to offer . Khaosan Road is an ideal place for the ‘party people’ as this place is all for lively nights with itsbars, restaurants, nightclubs, shops and food stalls. To see the other side of Bangkok,visit the sacred Buddhist temples such as Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho and Wat Arun. Also, don’t miss the majestic Grand Palace.


Bangkok at night

Party on the beautiful beaches of Pattaya,the most famous one being Jometien Beach. Visit the Walking Street that is known for its jovial nightlife, and don’t forget to see the Truth of Sanctuary, a massive temple carved out of wood, which has a unique look.


Beach of Pattaya


Phuket has beautiful beaches, temples and small islands that can be reached by speedboats such as Koh Phi Phi Island and Phang Nga. Watch the cultural show at the Fanta Sea and Simon Cabaret, get tanned on the Bang Tao Beach, and watch the best sunset from Windmill Viewpoint.



Koh Phi Phi Island at Phuket



  1. Feeling Romantic? Visit Paris.

Who needs a partner when you have the perfect girl gang?

Happily single but the weather is stirring up the romantic self in you? Get lost into the romantic aura of Paris with your girl gang and take lots of instagram worthy pictures.


Eiffel Tower-

Paris is synonymous with Eiffel Tower. Admire the beauty of this man-made architectural masterpiece and get into its two observatories to have the best view of the city. Also dine in the restaurant of Eiffel Tower, Le Jules Verne.


Eiffel Tower
Louvre Museum-


One of the most popular museums in the world, Louvre Museum has authentic collection of art and sculpture, and aunique entrance that resembles a pyramid ,made of glass.



Pic-24 Louvre Museum
Notre Dame Cathedral

Visit the century old Notre Dame Cathedral and admire the extra-ordinary interior.


Interior of Notre Dame Cathedral
Moulin Rouge-


Situated at the foot of Montmartre Hill, Moulin Rouge is all about ‘partying all night’, as it is totally a fun place full of nightclubs and restaurants, perfect for girls night out.



Moulin Rouge



  1. Having a hectic month, elope with your Girl Gang to the peaceful island of Sri Lanka:

When your days are hectic with loads of work  and your mind is screaming  for a break, visit the peaceful  island of Sri Lanka and rejuvenate yourselves on its serene hills.



A small village on the highlands of Sri Lanka, Ella is enticing, and has tea estates, waterfalls and hills along with breathtaking views and fresh air.





Take a train ride from Ella to Kandy which would prove to be the most beautiful and scenic journey of your life. Kandy is popular for Kandy Lake and its sacred Buddhist sites and also the Royal Palace of Kandy and its gardens.


Train ride from Ella to Kandy

Sigiriya is most popular for its ruins of the ancient Rock Fortress situated at the top of Sigiriya Rock. Climb the stairs to reach the top  and enjoy the panoramic view.


Sigiriya Rock


  1. In a mood for some shopping ? Visit the worlds most luxurious malls and markets in Dubai:

Dubai Shopping Mall-

Fulfil your desires of luxurious shopping in Dubai Shopping Mall, which has a collection of world famous brands. Also this mall has theme places for entertainment and of course delicious food stalls and multiple restaurants.

Dubai Shopping Mall
Burj Khalifa-

A visit to Dubai is incomplete without visiting the tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa. Get into the various observation decks of the tower and get to see the mesmerising view of Dubai encompassed by the great Arabian Desert. Dine in the restaurants of Burj Khalifa or have a great party night at the highest nightclub in the world. One can also enjoy the Fountain shows held at the base of the tower.

Burj Khalifa
Jumeirah Beach-

Relax with your gang on the most popular beach of Dubai, Jumeirah Beach, and have a look at the stunning architecture of Burj-Al- Arab.


Pic-32 Jumeirah Beach
Palm Jumeirah-

Palm Jumeirah is an artificial Palm- shaped archipelago visible even from the space. Palm Jumeirah is an ideal place to party  with various nightclubs, or have a couple of drinks and food at its world famous restaurants and bars, or simply pamper yourself at the exotic spas.


Palm Jumeirah

Get an experience of safari in the great Arabian Desert. Ride the camels ,have dinner on the sands accompanied with the traditional belly dancing,the most perfect setting to enjoy with your girl gang.




One can also have a lifetime experience of watching Dubai from above by taking a helicopter ride or skydiving.



–Sampurna Chakraborty

A Student of Literature who has a passion for writing, traveling and spreading happiness. During her trips, good books and cups of coffee are her constant companions. She also is very enthusiastic about photography and loves to click even the simplest things in day to day life. She aspires to travel the World someday and write Novels.